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kera cherry grapefruit

  1. 420d0wnund3r

    Cherry Grapefruit - Resin Glob

    I decided to take some photos of my Cherry Grapefruit as it's coming close to finishing up. I noticed a tiny glob of resin on one of the buds. Before now I only knew of one other strain called 'Pinkman Goo' that could do this. I guess I am wrong?
  2. J

    JakeWilde - LED - Soil - 2 Photo Period OPs - Toxic Ripper - Kera Cherry Grapefruit

    Hello again my fellow growers! I posted my first journal a couple harvests back and I have had enormous luck since then due to these forums and the education I have received. I have been gradually upgrading my 2 grow systems and I'm really happy with the set up now. These two ops will be 2...
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