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  1. B

    Blackit's Soil Kerala Krush x Purple Ryder Grow Journal 2017

    Wellcome to my first journal. I started a few days ago. Bucket Size - 3.2 gallon Medium - 30% perlite 70% Soil Lights - 300w LED Nutrients - Pack pH Perfect® GROW, MICRO, BLOOM ; Voodoo Juice of Advanced Nutrients Strain(s) - 2 Auto Regular Kerala Krush x 2 Auto Fem Purple Ryder. # of...
  2. Carcass

    LST'd Kerala Krush indoor/outdoor grow

    My Son gave me some free Kerala Krush seeds from Herbies,so after 40 years off I decided to try growing again. Didn't have much room so I made a ghetto 22"x22"x24"high CFL grow box(x7 /100w equivalent Daylight and Warm White bulbs),and started LST from day 2 after germination-seems to have...
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