kief hash concentrates

  1. kief IMG_4016.JPG

    kief IMG_4016.JPG

    kief from decarded lollipop trim (cup) & Bud trim
  2. Decarbed kief IMG_4013.JPG

    Decarbed kief IMG_4013.JPG

    Decarded kief from lollipop trim
  3. Krissi Carbone

    Freezer Hash Time

    We are doing 2 grades today and using the iron and flat iron method with parchment paper and a t-shirt as a buffer. This is one of the 2 bags we have screened so far. The kief we are screening is from 2 Gelato autos that I had hermie last December and has been frozen since. Happy Cannabis...
  4. IMG_20210130_083110492.jpg


    Fresh kief
  5. M

    What to do with all this kief?

    So we have begun to tumble/filter all of our trimmings and have acquired an overflow of kief, to me this is great, however the majority of the smokers here are using wax/shatter and do not seen to be interested in kief. So my question for all my friends here is what can I do with this kief to...
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