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  1. Vyktah420

    A Hi to the High

    Hi all. Just stopping by to extend a quick hi to the high. Old timer very new to this forum thing. Looking to share deets on new strains, gear and techniques. Will chime in when I know an answer to a question or have something interesting worth sharing.
  2. meejay

    Moroccan Mahjoun, first attempt

    Hello everyone, I am going to try making Moroccan Mahjoun from a Hash I got yesterday. This will be my first attempt and I am so excited about it. I would say that it had been processed via traditional ways because It has a gold yellow color. I have found this recipe which I am planning to...
  3. 84CFFF77-D37E-43D8-86B1-BEAD0F265346.jpeg


    To clean or not to clean?
  4. O

    Kief Boxes

    Here are the first few kief boxes from our first batch (7 more currently being stained). These are made with various hardwoods; Purpleheart, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Walnut They are using Lexan (glass is available) for the pullout lid and tray The lid and tray are held securely using rare earth...
  5. M

    Making edibles with kief? Not to sell

    I want to make some edibles for personal consumption, and have some kief lying around. Most recipes online yield a pound of cannabutter, but given how this is going to be a fairly small project, I would need much, much less. If I were to make a pan of brownies, just once, how much kief–and...
  6. K

    Do I still cure when making kief

    I recently grew a Nirvana short rider for the sole purpose of turning it into kief. Do I still need to cure the plant before. I am using a 220 micro bag with dry ice method Thanks all
  7. Dr Fish

    eCig oil

    Ever wondered how to make your own cannabis oil from Kief? Google-- how to make potent cannabis oil from kief.. It seems too simple..:drool:
  8. K

    Concentrating On Cannabis - The Secrets Of Kief

    Last week we looked at the most basic forms of cannabis concentrates, like cannabutter and tinctures. This week we'll take a look at kief, hash, and dry sift - some of the very easiest concentrates to make, because all you need is weed, just a couple tools, and time. The important element...
  9. M

    Lions Teeth Cool Grinder For Weed

    Not a bad grinder at all. It was lighter than I thought (176 grams). Came with a kief scraper. It has more teeth than I expected as well. Lid sounds a bit loose now but the magnet holds it no problem and after some time being used, the lid will get stickier with weed residue and the lid will be...
  10. PurpleGunRack

    The Hash Club

    Hi fellow 420'ers:welcome: I thought I'd devote a thread to discussing and reviewing hash. Feel free to contribute with a review of your own homemade hash or your import hash A little background story I love ganja, but I really really love hash and it was the first type...
  11. R

    Higher Ground: In 2016, A Friendlier Climate For 420

    We're in the midst of the cannabis holiday season. The Ann Arbor Hash Bash and Monroe Street Fair were a few weeks ago, and the Global Marijuana March is May 7 (Grand Circus Park in Detroit). Smack dab in the middle was 4/20. The first place I hit was the B.D.T. Smoke Shops in Hazel Park...
  12. D

    Kief BHO run

    i have came across a bunch of super clean(i dont know the micron) single strain kief and im quite confused and what to do with it... when i say a lot i mean a lot lol my question is would it be smart to mix it with a single strain flower in a 1:3 ratio(1 ounce kief:3 ounce flower) and what %...
  13. H

    what are those Seeds Please

    Hey everybody... I brought some seeds from a friend, he told me that they're seeds of marijuana, And I 've got anothers seeds I brought from plants of KIEF ( I think INDICA) thats what we smoke in Morocco. I red that indica seeds have a zebra motifbut its rare to find zebra seed in the KIEF...
  14. T

    Homemade multi-screen dry-sift system

    Alright, this is my first post. I've been thinking of building a dry-sift system with several screens of different meshes to separate different grades of hash. I'd like it to be able to combine multiple hash extraction techniques: dry ice and a drill with a mixer attachment. I want to model the...
  15. L

    Kief Balm?

    I'm a really new MMJ patient; I got my card on Friday. I bought some Ganja Juice medicated lotion, and it works really well. I have fibromyalgia, and was walking around a lot yesterday, and it worked like a charm on my hip pain. It worked WAY better than ibuprofen would, and from what...
  16. H

    Bubble Hash Help

    I'm missing the #45 BAG for the bubble hash. I've double strained liquid at the # 90 bag level, but will not filter through a #25 or Coffee filter??? I've siphoned down the fluid to about 1.5 gallons, and trying to Evaporate, but this doesn't seem to be the best way...I'm sure that there is a...
  17. D

    Kief Kif Keef Keif How much do you really know about it?

    For the sake of sharing I am posting one of my blogs here on the forum from PapaKief as I have seen a lot of controversy over what Kief is. Being Papa Kief, I decided it is my duty "Kief is one of the most simple yet misunderstood forms of cannabis. It is comprised of a pile of the...
  18. S

    How To Make A Homemade Kief/Pollen Press

    first post ever so we will see how it goes does anyone know a good way to make a homemade kief/pollen press i was searching around and didnt really find anything good
  19. S

    How to make brownies using Kief

    HI all, Quick question for ya. How much kief do i need to if i'm looking to make brownies? Right now i have about a mid-sized grinder full but i'm assuming i need more?
  20. BigJnHI

    Sharpstone Grinder and Pollen Press

    I just received my new, aluminum 2.5", four piece SHARPSTONE herb grinder along with my new aluminum, five piece SHARPSTONE pollen press. Having had only owned a simple 1.75" wooden grinder with pins (nails) prior to this purchase, this was a much deserved upgrade. Although there are many...
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