1. O

    Kief Boxes

    Here are the first few kief boxes from our first batch (7 more currently being stained). These are made with various hardwoods; Purpleheart, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Walnut They are using Lexan (glass is available) for the pullout lid and tray The lid and tray are held securely using rare earth...
  2. M

    Making edibles with kief? Not to sell

    I want to make some edibles for personal consumption, and have some kief lying around. Most recipes online yield a pound of cannabutter, but given how this is going to be a fairly small project, I would need much, much less. If I were to make a pan of brownies, just once, how much kief–and...
  3. K

    Do I still cure when making kief

    I recently grew a Nirvana short rider for the sole purpose of turning it into kief. Do I still need to cure the plant before. I am using a 220 micro bag with dry ice method Thanks all
  4. Dr Fish

    eCig oil

    Ever wondered how to make your own cannabis oil from Kief? Google-- how to make potent cannabis oil from kief.. It seems too simple..:drool:
  5. K

    Concentrating On Cannabis - The Secrets Of Kief

    Last week we looked at the most basic forms of cannabis concentrates, like cannabutter and tinctures. This week we'll take a look at kief, hash, and dry sift - some of the very easiest concentrates to make, because all you need is weed, just a couple tools, and time. The important element...
  6. M

    Lions Teeth Cool Grinder For Weed

    Not a bad grinder at all. It was lighter than I thought (176 grams). Came with a kief scraper. It has more teeth than I expected as well. Lid sounds a bit loose now but the magnet holds it no problem and after some time being used, the lid will get stickier with weed residue and the lid will be...
  7. R

    Higher Ground: In 2016, A Friendlier Climate For 420

    We're in the midst of the cannabis holiday season. The Ann Arbor Hash Bash and Monroe Street Fair were a few weeks ago, and the Global Marijuana March is May 7 (Grand Circus Park in Detroit). Smack dab in the middle was 4/20. The first place I hit was the B.D.T. Smoke Shops in Hazel Park...
  8. H

    what are those Seeds Please

    Hey everybody... I brought some seeds from a friend, he told me that they're seeds of marijuana, And I 've got anothers seeds I brought from plants of KIEF ( I think INDICA) thats what we smoke in Morocco. I red that indica seeds have a zebra motifbut its rare to find zebra seed in the KIEF...
  9. T

    Homemade multi-screen dry-sift system

    Alright, this is my first post. I've been thinking of building a dry-sift system with several screens of different meshes to separate different grades of hash. I'd like it to be able to combine multiple hash extraction techniques: dry ice and a drill with a mixer attachment. I want to model the...
  10. L

    Kief Balm?

    I'm a really new MMJ patient; I got my card on Friday. I bought some Ganja Juice medicated lotion, and it works really well. I have fibromyalgia, and was walking around a lot yesterday, and it worked like a charm on my hip pain. It worked WAY better than ibuprofen would, and from what...
  11. H

    Bubble Hash Help

    I'm missing the #45 BAG for the bubble hash. I've double strained liquid at the # 90 bag level, but will not filter through a #25 or Coffee filter??? I've siphoned down the fluid to about 1.5 gallons, and trying to Evaporate, but this doesn't seem to be the best way...I'm sure that there is a...
  12. D

    Kief Kif Keef Keif How much do you really know about it?

    For the sake of sharing I am posting one of my blogs here on the forum from PapaKief as I have seen a lot of controversy over what Kief is. Being Papa Kief, I decided it is my duty "Kief is one of the most simple yet misunderstood forms of cannabis. It is comprised of a pile of the...
  13. S

    How To Make A Homemade Kief/Pollen Press

    first post ever so we will see how it goes does anyone know a good way to make a homemade kief/pollen press i was searching around and didnt really find anything good
  14. S

    How to make brownies using Kief

    HI all, Quick question for ya. How much kief do i need to if i'm looking to make brownies? Right now i have about a mid-sized grinder full but i'm assuming i need more?
  15. BigJnHI

    Sharpstone Grinder and Pollen Press

    I just received my new, aluminum 2.5", four piece SHARPSTONE herb grinder along with my new aluminum, five piece SHARPSTONE pollen press. Having had only owned a simple 1.75" wooden grinder with pins (nails) prior to this purchase, this was a much deserved upgrade. Although there are many...