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  1. W

    Weird bud coming out of a leaf

    Have a kush plant one of my "extra's" (little plants that i never put in large pots but couldn't bring myself to kill) and it wound up with a bud growing out of the center of one of the leaves
  2. C

    Does too much CO2 kill vegatation?

    Ask google and you get a million different answers.. including many that say plants need Oxygen at night to survive. Yes.. pure oxygen can kill a human.. but don't divers breathe it?? We are trying to keep greenhouses warm and non vented infrared propane heaters (with a thermostat) are not...
  3. C

    Calaveras Kid open for forum biz

    Hi all.. we have a permitted grow in Calaveras County.. We are flowering in greenhouses this winter. We are knowledgeable of the current local political climate and how it affects the industry. I am interested in sharing growing knowledge and gaining some. I joined because I need to find...
  4. P

    Aphids indoors - Can I win this war?

    Hi everyone. So I now have aphid in my grow room and it's spreading slowly, 1 plant at the time. Half the plants now have aphid. So far all I could find are tricks to help control or repel them and most will only kill the actual aphids but not the eggs. So far I tried garlic solutions...
  5. B


    If i was to manicure and dry in my grow tent woulld that kill most the smell if my filter going
  6. H

    Advice needed - I need to buy a 2x4 veg tent - feedback please

    Hello! I currently have a 5x5 Gorilla grow tent that I am using but once it comes time to flower I will be moving two plants out of their to use as mothers. I am looking to purchase a 2x4 tent and I think Gorilla for Veg may be over kill. I will be using 4 -5 cob single array LED for...
  7. C

    Spider mites

    I'm new to growing and live in Toronto Canada. I have a spider mite problem and wondering if I should just kill my 6 plants and start over or buy some product to try and kill them. Please help me.
  8. T

    Mite Treatment - Professional opinions requested

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some input and professional opinions. I've got some really nice plants in the flowering stage and today I noticed a slight spider mite issue. I don't want to get into the how or why's. I've been growing for a while and I know where I screwed up. My focus now is to kill...
  9. Serpent

    Home Made Bug Killer

    was just poking around 420 Mag :nomo: and find my self reading some cool stuff have you gives ever heard of Tobacco Juice recipe to kill bugs in the veg stage i would not spray in flowering :lot-o-toke: i got a plant off a buddy he got kick out of the house so i got this sorry looking plant full...
  10. Young Yoda

    Can I add chem nutes to compost tea?

    Or will it kill the microbial life? I'm talking full strength 1000-1400ppm.
  11. T

    Can worm Compost drippings (not tea) go bad?

    can worm compost drippings go bad? not the tea thats mixed with molasses cause i know that that can go bad, but i mean just straight drippings, I have a worm bin with a hole in it and a bucket that catches the drippings, can that go bad? I dont see how or why it would but i want to make sure...
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