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  1. Ian Bastage

    Star Killer From Broken Coast

    Strain Name – Star Killer Genetics - Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #2 From – Broken Coast Cannabis (Batch 2350300117) When – 9/17 Price - $8.75 per gram Type – Indica Dominant (70/30) 22.7% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance –Big sticky bugs. Nicely cured – dry & fluffy. Smell – Tart citrus piney Indica...
  2. D

    Dastri Soil Purple Haze - Star Killer x Chocolope - Acapulco Gold - Grow Journal 1997

    Hello everyone! Figured a good way to say hi to everyone is to start a grow journal. This is my first ever grow. (Wow, I originally put 1997 in title. The year is 2017. I must be high or something.) Strains (# of plants): Purple Haze (4), Star Killer x Chocolope (3), Acapulco Gold - high CBD...
  3. EvosOverSTIs

    Buds I have from a random killer strain I grew outdoor

    , plucked some a little early:thumb:
  4. P

    My organic pest killer

    I was experimenting and i made this great pest killer all bugs died in 2 days. Recipe in 1 liter water you add 5ml dish soap and you add 1 tea bag Valeriana. Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to...
  5. K

    Kviertwintig's - LST - Stress Killer Auto Journal - 2016 - 138W 2700K CFL

    This time around I'm growing a new developed autoflower spicies by Royal Queen Seeds, called the Stress Killer Auto. Plant specs: THC 11% CBD High Yield Indoor 450-500gr m2 Yield Outdoor 110-160 grams per plant dried Height Indoor 90 — 140 cm Height Outdoor 120...
  6. Anonymous1


    I smoke KNOWLEDGE.
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