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  1. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 2nd Grow Organic Soil Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2017

    Hi Everyone, this will be my second grow. I will be using soil this time for a more organic grow. No changes in the grow room tents from the last grow except for the size of the fabric pots. Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each...
  2. vapegeek420

    My First Grow - 4x4 - Organic - Water Only - 600W LED - Gorilla & Tangie Autos

    Hi Folks, Thanks for reading! This is my first grow, and it's been a long time coming! I've overwhelmed myself with information for the last 2 months and this is what I think is going to give me the best chance of success for my first run. Lights — Timber Grow Lights 2x 300 Watt Cree...
  3. Nulife

    NuLife's - KindSoil - Raspberry Cough - Grow Journal - 2016

    Hi everyone, new female grower here, growing for personal use and hobby. I'm almost done with my first grow that I'm learning with Bag Seed it's in week 6 of the flowering stage in another journal you can find here: First Grow - Bag Seed - CFLs and LED - Soil - Closet 6/25/16 Grow Start Date of...