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    I just want to say thank you to Jane and the staff from crop king seeds. When I signed up here I honestly got frustrated trying to figure out a name not taken.. Lol.. So I just typed in crop King because I was frustrated and laughed like Hell when it was accepted... Anyway.. I just want to say...
  2. S

    Are these Hermies?

    Hello all, I am on the 12th day of flower. I have 4 King Louis from clone and 4 OG kush from clone. I am attaching a picture, is that a hermie? All 4 of the King Louis are like this. The OG kush looks normal but I have grown it before so I know what its supposed to look like. How could all...
  3. S

    A thank you to Roseman, Heisenberg & sorry to Crop King

    Just finished a Northern Lights Auto from Crop King, 77 days my first dwc and the wet yield was over 550 grams and was so gob smacked I had to thank the members here whose knowledge was freely posted and made such an improvement over my first few trys. I averaged around 35 grams per plant before...
  4. B

    Crop King Feminized Seeds - Not yet released Candy Cane Feminized

    Crop King sent me beans for Candy Cane Feminized which they haven't put on the market yet. I ordered Candy Cane Autoflower but by mistake I was sent the feminized seeds. Once I noticed my auto wasn't doing like it should be I contacted Crop King and had no problem making it right. (Great Job)...
  5. Grebs

    Where did Crop King get their White Widow strain?

    I asked once before when I was on the phone with them but I don't think I ever really got an answer. Would love to know the history of this companies strain. Feel free to chime in and let us know Crop king. Or anyone who knows. Thank you
  6. sleepless

    White Cookies - Drip Irrigation - DIY Citi Cobs - SCROG

    Crop King - White Cookies Type: Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy - Moderate Flowering Time: 9 Weeks Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica Effect: Indica Body Rush THC: Moderate - High THC%: 19.25% Laboratory Report THC Chart CBD: 0.75% Laboratory Report CBD Chart CBN: 0.24% Laboratory...
  7. S

    Can I stunt the height growth of White Widow? I can't get White Widow Auto

    Can I stunt the height growth of White Widow? I recently grew Amnesia Haze, I bought the seeds from Crop King and was extremely pleased. The White Widow Auto is not currently available from Crop King but White Widow is available. I only want to purchase from Crop King and no one else. The...
  8. A

    Purple Crystal Buds

    Wondering if anyone could help me by letting me know what strains have purple crystals on their buds that king crop are selling right now? thanks
  9. T

    Very happy with Crop King Seeds

    Mailed in my order with U S Dollars Received my seeds 2 weeks later Crop King has exceeded my expectations Thank You:thumb:
  10. B

    Crop King is king 2015 to 2017

    I am very impressed with crop king. way back in 2015 i lost my stain i had for over 12 years. so i was shopping around for a new strain to play with. ordered a hand full of the old school seeds form the UK seed banks. long and short got f-ck in the deal . i new better. 6 month later started...
  11. B

    Thank You Crop King

    Been a bit since I been on but things are going along great. I was the winner of the video contest for summer here, just wanted to post an update and say I received my Purple Kush, Green Crack, Bubba Kush, and Dark angel about a week after the contest ended( fast even with freebies lol) then it...
  12. T

    So I ordered some seeds

    I get the package that should contain my seeds, I open it, and inside is a single purple Crayola marker... I ordered from Crop King Seeds. US Customs playing a trick on me or what? :24:
  13. D

    Crop King Seeds is by far the best!

    I don't (as of yet) post much but I just had to start another thread to thank Crop King seeds for their top notch warranty and customer service. Twice this summer i have had issues where all the beans didn't pop and both times i have ended up more than satisfied. The girls on the phone...
  14. H

    Crop King Auto Jack Herer

    Strain Name - Jack Herer Autoflower From - Crop King When - 8/1/16 Price - Priceless. Grown at home with love. Type - Hybrid Appearance - All the colors of the rainbow. Heavy purple in the later days Smell - Intense. A grilled cheese sandwich dipped in motor oil. Heaven. Taste -...
  15. V

    Budget alternatives

    hey there my finances are kind of tight right now. any suggestions much appreciated thanks in advance and hope you are all doing well ;)
  16. K

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Crop King Seeds

    Please join us in thanking Crop King Seeds for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum...
  17. L

    Crop King Seeds

    Hey all you gardeners. I just wanted to put this our there about this company. CROP KING SEEDS. I had issues with my first batch as some of the seeds just did not crack. I talked to them explained the way I went about germinating. THEY TOOK CARE OF EVERYTHING. From shipping the new package and...
  18. Treecandy352

    Crop King Seeds & Herbies

    How's it going everyone!? Anyways, I've been browsing seed banks, and seen cks and Herbie's. I noticed Herbie's is much cheaper than, the King. Does anyone know why cks is more expensive than Herbie's? I was thinking of genetics, guarantee, and the reputation. Someone please...
  19. K

    WA: New Marijuana Ordinance

    On July 25 the King County Council passed an Ordinance re-regulating Marijuana businesses in the Unincorporated Areas and at the same time lifting its 4-mo Moratorium on such businesses. Over the past two years the Area Council has hosted several standing-room-only meetings, which provided...
  20. CropKingSeeds

    What's Your Crop King Strain Of The Summer? - A Video Contest

    Do you want to win awesome prizes from Crop King Seeds? If you say yes, then join in the fun. Show off your favorite Crop King Strain which you smoked, grew, or whatever you did with it last summer and win 20 premium strains and few other awesomeness from Crop King himself. How to Join...
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