1. N

    TopoGrow 300 W LED grow tent kit - 32x32x63"

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I just purchased a grow tent kit with a 300w LED light. I'm wondering how many plants I can start and finish with this light. Thank you! image of kit:
  2. 4

    How to use high brix

    hello all. i am a noob, and i bought the kit, because it seem everyone gives it a high rating. the instructions that came with it are confusing. does anyone know if there is a better step by step guide? for example, like is drenching, and i assume that means putting pot in water, and letting it...
  3. Darkscotia

    Completed Darkscotia 1st Attempt At High Brix - Perfect Sun COB LED - 5 Blueberry Fem

    Hello all and welcome to my journal. Here I'll be attempting doc buds high brix kit. I'll be using the perfect sun cob led for the first time. So let's get into more details. And sorry for not having proper grammar and misspelling as it was jot a strong suit lol. What strain is it? Femmed...
  4. D

    DIY Air Diffuser: 1/4" Soaker Hose

    Hello 420 Mag Community. Apologies if this subject was already posted...I searched and couldn't find one specific to this subject. Just wanted to post my results so far in my efforts to build some soaker hose air diffusers. Wasn't at all happy with my first grow with the little air stones and...
  5. SweetSue

    Completed SweetSue's Perpetual 2.0 - The Transition To Doc Bud's HBB Kit

    We've hit 550 pages on the previous journal, more than enough reason to start anew. I'll try to keep the additions to between 300-400 pages from now on. We do enjoy each other's company, don't we? I'm transitioning the entire grow over to Doc Bud's High BrixBlend kit, which most of us...
  6. Duggan

    Completed Duggan Does Gorilla's - Double Berry's In Doc's Gear - Four Plants - One Kit

    A big hello to everyone, especially for all those who continue to support me with your visits, encouragement and humor:) As you all know i'm a huge fan of Doc Bud and all the hard work he has and still puts into developing and refining his "kit". Using his gear is a real pleasure , as he and...
  7. Theborn420

    Completed TheBorn's High Brix Soil - Obiwan OG Grow Journal - 2016

    What strain is it? Obiwan OG Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Germination Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Doc Bud's High Brix Blend If soil... What size pot? 2 x 1 Gallon pots...
  8. kelticBlue

    200 Watt Cree CXB3590 4 COB Grow Light Kit

    I just finished putting together my kit. I wanted to do a better job documenting the build up but ran right into a migraine headache right when I needed to do the build. The build is easy. However, I forgot I am not a big fan of working with aluminum. All the little bit and things that come...
  9. Amadeus Forzin

    Completed The Next Step - Starring Mr Am4zin & Featuring Living Organic Soil

    The Next Step. I'll start with the basics first My Set Up My grow space is a homemade wooden box measuring approximately 2x2x2.5ft or 600x600x800mm. painted white on the inside. Lighting is supplied by the marsll 400w and sits in a cutout in the top of the box after the first couple...
  10. Justones

    Soil test kit

    Anyone use a soil test kit to check the soil NPK? If so what one seemed to be good?
  11. Cannatard

    Completed Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy & HSO Amherst Sour Diesel By The Tard

    What strain is it? Cheese Candy and Amherst Sour Diesel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Soaking seeds If in Veg... For how long? Ill veg for 8 weeks If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Gorilla tent 4x4 Soil or Hydro...
  12. H

    DIY Cabinet Grow - My thoughts and questions

    Hello farmers! I'm new here, but hopefully you'll be seeing me around as I prepare to build my own DIY grow cabinet! I have had some experience growing in the past; mainly outdoors, but now that I'm becoming an adult I've decided to build a more legitimate grow room for myself. Stealth was a...
  13. Stage

    Completed Stage Hits The Brix! - COB LEDs & More

    High all, Once again it's on. I'm back on my bs again. :welcome: Last time you all were in a Stage journal I was running bottled nutes in coco hydro. Won a contest or two with my entry and received some fantastic prizes to include COB leds. This year I'm going to run DBHBB kit. Why? Why...
  14. ShiggityFlip

    Completed High Brix Hunger Games: Catching Fire With The Perfect Sun 1000

    So with the success of the first hunger games and the addition of High Brix into my grow tech, I have decided to consolidate into one thread. I have a few chem plants left going through this cycle but then it's all High Brix for me. High Brix growing with Docbud's kit has been one of the...
  15. F

    Noobs shopping list

    Hello 420 members, This will be my first (of many) posts asking for some advice. I've been browsing the forum for some time now and I've already learnt so much. I'm itching to get started but it's taking me a little time to gather all the equipment i need right away. I would like some advice...
  16. K

    Abandoned KryptoKronic's First Time Grow - Blue Mystic - LED - Coco Coir

    Hey all, this is my first attempt at growing and figured I should start one of these to get help along the way from all you guys doing it way longer than me. I have just completed the grow room setup and have seeds on the way from nirvana. I'm a heavy smoker, and I am sick of having to pay...
  17. O

    Looking for a small grow box full kit suggestions

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on a complete grow kit for like 2-3 plants. I know nothing other than this helps my condition so it needs to be a complete kit thank you!
  18. S

    Clueless about hydro 'kit'

    And yet another post about something someone gave me. After reading the threads for a few weeks, I've decided to stick with soil for my first couple of grows and then move on to more intimidating setups. That said, I have this sitting in my workshop collecting a LOT of dust. Is this...
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