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  1. OlderStoner

    PH Down Stained My Kitchen Cabinets

    Ph down really stained the plastic laminate counter tops. Tried everything from Comet to Windex then tried bleach. Nothing worked and the bleach just made it worse. Any suggestions on how to clean it up?
  2. P

    This is how she grew - Your opinion please?

    Hey all this is how she growing, what is ur opinion when u think wl be the harvest mybe somone knows how to get bigger bads with home kitchen ? tnx a lot :) Candy express =]
  3. G

    Hello - Looking for a commercial kitchen to cook edibles

    Hi I am trying to start an edibles company. I currently do not have a place to cook full time. I live in socal. Does anyone know of a kitchen or have used a kitchen that allows marijuana? Thanks.
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