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  1. K

    First try ever

    Hello people, I have this lil girl and i want to know if its any good/potential in her? Im a noobie and everything i know is from this site.. Bag seed-Low budged-First time..Only fed her nutes since flowering (Iguana Juice Bloom) Looking forward for advices
  2. T

    New guy - Total novice - 1st grow

    Hi everyone, Klaus here from NM. Just got my medical use and personal production license. I thought the Cannabis movement to be awesome and wanted to participate in it. I really don't know what I'm doing, but have friends that do. I just harvested my very first crop. 5 micro plants with my...
  3. R

    Newbie Grower

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kamelot and it's my first time growing cannabis i would just like to know if i'm doing it right Please check the photo TIA!
  4. L

    First Ever Outdoor Grow Cali OG Kush Haze Forcing Flowering Journal

    High everyone and welcome to my first ever Flowering journey. This is a learning growth and I have no expectation out of this project beside learning everything I can. (P.S before this cannabis plant I never saw a Cannabis plant before LOL!) So here is my baby's story so far, she is a...
  5. J


    Glad to be here. I know I will learn allot from all of you.....
  6. P

    Newbie - Rookie - Amateur grower from the Philippines

    Hi Guys, I recently was able to get some seeds but only a few of them and I wanted to cultivate them for personal use. Can anybody help me setup an indoor grow cabinet or space? I have no experience in these things but I have a read a bit a bout growing. As you guys know humidity...
  7. E

    Did I smoke canna?

    hey guys! couple of hours ago i got this great new product from my guy, but i have never smoke anything like this! my pupils are much bigger than my usual highs and i feel great. im a little paranoid and i thought maybe the weed man gave me something stronger to have me come back, then i was...
  8. C

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

    Hi all does anyone know what's happening here?
  9. P

    Please help me identify these issues

    Hey guys So I'm a first time grower, I wish I had come here before I started my grow. So let me give you all the information: Bagseed of a lovely outdoor. Soil I have learnt my tap water pH is 8.5, I know that's the root problem so I tried the lemon juice and water mixture to bring it...
  10. H

    Looking for book recommendations for organic growing

    I would like to learn all there is to know about organic gardening from start to finish. This includes even the most basic info on how plants grow and use photosynthesis. Can someone point me in the right direction or recommend a first couple of books to read as a start? Preferably books that...
  11. A

    Indica help please

    I know this prob isn't the proper place to ask this but any help is appreciated. Im needing to know of an high THC strain that will put me out! I've been having a heck of a time slowing my mind down and relaxing/sleeping for a while now and am now wondering what strain (indica maybe?) do you all...
  12. U

    UK To USA For Work?

    What's up guys!? im new to the forum as you can probably tell lol. I'm after some information that i cant seem to find on the web, im from the uk still currently living here, i want to know IF its possible nd HOW hard it is to get a job growing legal cannabis in the usa i.e colardo?? i dont...
  13. F

    Crop King

    Was trying the online chat but can't respond the girl asked what she could help with but I don't know where to respond. My question would have been white widow fem that I'm growing wanted to know the time they say is there flower time
  14. I

    DWC root rot?

    Hi there, May you helps me to know if there is a root rot or not ? This White Widow has near 8 weeks now and I want to know if I can switch to flowering now ? Do we need to do some specials tricks with the feed when transiting to flow ? Current chamber temp : 17 C Current water temp...
  15. N

    Travelling with a vaporizer

    Hello I have my Canadian medical card . I'll be traveling from Toronto to Jamaica this month and was wondering if anyone would know if I can bring my Da Vinci vaporizer in my carry on through customs . Thanks
  16. Ron Strider

    CA: Sacramento Cannabis Dispensaries Expect Lines New Year's Day

    Legal sales of marijuana begin Monday in the state of California, in cities and counties that opted to allow it after voters approved Prop 64 in Nov. 2016. Of Sacramento's 30 medical marijuana dispensaries, the city says 27 want to sell recreational - or "adult-use" - cannabis as well. Local...
  17. C

    PH & Soil Growing

    I use happy frog soil and want to know , do you ph the water before feeding even if the soil has PH correction in it ? I have tested water run off at 7 weeks into flower and it is around 7.1 What is your experience with soil and Ph ? I would like to know how opinions in the area
  18. J

    Hello from this newbie !

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, GOD BLESS. I'm new to this forum and would like to say HELLO and good JOURNEY to all. started 2 years ago with medical marijuana prescription and just receiver my Canadian ACMPR ( GROW YOUR OWN LICENCE) Been in the process of starting a grow room and getting together...
  19. Jackalope

    Canna Cat?

    I have a male plant that I want to keep. I would like to keep it in veg and take clone if I need pollen. I don't really have a place for a father plant. I know of a lot of situations of animals eating pot plants. and it doesn't hurt them. A friends great dane used to vacuum up fan leaves as they...
  20. Oldbear

    Two Feeding Questions

    Is there any methods or tools to measure the nutrient levels that are in soil? Does anyone know how long a plant takes to utilize all the 'food' in a cuft of soil?
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