1. M

    Need knowledge on a strain: To keep or not to Keep

    Hello All Long time lurker first time poster. Figured its time to finally get on here since ive started taking my hobby more seriously. Ive been doing small grows for years trying out different strains just for pleasure. I have some connections in the seed industry and so the reason im here...
  2. Peppers

    A big what's up to all 420 people

    Hi all Peppers here just wanted to introduce myself and say hi . I've started a diy gbox thread drop in for a look and feel free to hit me with the tips , tricks and knowledge . All welcome updates will be slow to start with but I will upde pics and info as I go . This will be a micro grow in a...
  3. C

    Calaveras Kid open for forum biz

    Hi all.. we have a permitted grow in Calaveras County.. We are flowering in greenhouses this winter. We are knowledgeable of the current local political climate and how it affects the industry. I am interested in sharing growing knowledge and gaining some. I joined because I need to find...
  4. G


    Bless up, V.I representer in the Nor Cal region, just looking to make a few contacts with other passionate and skilled growers to trade knowledge, learn and hopefully spread some of the knowledge I have, I am also willing to test strains and give accurate feedback, and very open to suggestions...
  5. M

    Dispensary Knowledge Needed

    I'm looking for a mentor to walk me through the process and to help me with resources like products and legal aspects of the dispensary business.
  6. D

    Hello all!

    Glad to be here and hope to learn lots as I peruse the forum. I'm starting from a nearly zero knowledge base so I'm sure that there is wealth of info here to help me on my way. Cheers!
  7. Jorgie Nuggz

    Newb looking for knowledge

    Can someone tell me why some growers will cut the tip or half of single blade on a fan leaf? :thanks:
  8. S

    Hi guys good to be here need some knowledge thanks cfm to tent

    Hello guys I'm needing a little help I have 4 1000w AC lights Grow Space 3m 3m by 2m high tent I'm having trouble with temperature!!! To Warm !!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated its almost there just need a little guidance please help .....thank you
  9. B

    New Member

    Hello Everyone I am 52 yrs old- single. Growing anything is what delights me being new to Cannibus I wanted to join a group with years of knowledge. I tried a couple other sites but getting logged in was to stressful. I hope I found a home.
  10. J

    Please Help! - Male or Female?

    Happy New Year!! have a quick question if anyone can drop some knowledge on me, do you guys think these are seeds? Thanks.
  11. BigBrown97

    Completed First LED Grow Tent

    Ill take all the feedback I can get. I need the knowledge.
  12. Teddy Edwards

    420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Month: November 2016

    Congratulations to Lembatoast for Grow Journal of the Month - November 2016! :cheer2: This is a new award to celebrate the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine; based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420...
  13. M

    Hello new member here! Glad to be here

    hey guys, just wanted to join up and gain some knowledge on getting bigger yields from my grow. thanks!
  14. K


    Hi, I am from Ontario Canada. I am a pharmacist. My brother and I have plans to start a medical marijuana dispensary. I hope I can gain enough knowledge about the subject from here. Thanks for accepting me.
  15. ThaiStick

    Hello Homegrown

    Recently retired do it yourself type want to grow my own weed. Inspired by the grow journals and trying to take in all the knowledge shared in the forum while I plan and work up to my first grow.
  16. KeifKeith

    420 Magazine Membership - KeifKeith Waves Hello

    Hello 420Magazine members!:high-five: New Member here, Keith is my name.:Namaste: About me: Old guy, old toker, old grower, with a new mission in life. I recently retired from my career (most awesome!), and now desire to make better use of my horticultural knowledge to help a loved one...
  17. triggz2k15

    Views on Brexit and legalising?

    Hey there everyone, Just wondering what your thoughts are with legalising mj in the u.k? I wonder if the leave from the e.u will give brits getting a chance at legalisation. Anyone know of any goings on or movements looking for more exposure should post here. Let's get the ball rolling for...
  18. C

    Cannabis Users 'Have More Knowledge' Of Drug Than Experts

    Cannabis users seeking treatment often have an expertise about the drug which is leaving those trying to help them lagging behind, a conference has been told. A group of national experts was told about the "inverted expertise" seen in users at a meeting at York University to exchange ideas on...
  19. G

    Hi all

    New here. I have rediscovered the wonders of marijuana after a decade or so off. I will be looking to tap some of the knowledge from you all as I begin my own personal use grow in a few months.
  20. H


    Hey everyone happy to be part of endless pit of knowledge:Namaste::420:
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