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    Seed order warning

    sorry but dinafem strains are too bad. and i am still waiting my order over 38days. anybody knows where are strains good and which site is trustable
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    Looking for PPM/PH meter

    Looking for PPM/PH meter. Switching form soil to DWC. Don't want to spend a sh*tload of money on a meter but if anyone knows of a good chinese knock off I'm good with that. Thanks spy
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    Song from Guerilla Grow Movie

    Prohibition - outdoor guerilla growing - YouTube Anyone know what song this is at 52:11 ? I've searched for it and have no clue what it is. If anyone knows I'll PayPal you $20 as I love this tune. Joe
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    Hi all, does some one knows a recipe 4 buds 2 get em bigger ?
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    In Need Of Urgent Help!

    Hey Guys so I have some white widow x Big Bud baby's on the go, and I came to water them yesterday and for some reason it looks like somethings chewed the bottom of my main stem, its bent the plant and is killing a few leaves in the process, if anyone knows of a solution or can help get back to...