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  1. Ron Strider

    North Korea Has Been Branded A "Weed-Smoker's Paradise" - But Truth Is Complicated

    For years, there have been rumors that North Korea is a "weed-smoker's paradise." Cannabis is said to grow wildly there, and people can reportedly buy it in large, bazaar-style marketplaces and smoke it wherever they like. But marijuana's legal status in North Korea is hazy. An...
  2. R

    Naturally Splendid Receives $924,000 Purchase Order For Hemp Food Products From Korea

    Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. ("Naturally Splendid") (FRANKFURT:50N) (TSX VENTURE:NSP) (OTC:NSPDF) is pleased to announce that it has received an initial purchase order for $924,000 CDN from the Korea Beauty & Health Care Co., Ltd. based in South Korea. The first shipment of 20 metric...