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  1. Justones

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized veg time

    I'm about to start a Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized grow. It's not an auto. So how long do I grow it veg state?
  2. PlantWrestler

    Krippleberry Auto Grow

    Strain: krippleberry from Dr krippling Light: 600 w HP's Medium: soil Good morning fellow 420 friends ,here we have my Krippleberry Automatic from Dr krippling. Hailed as an auto version of blueberry I'm expecting great things from her . She's just started showing pistals !
  3. E

    Chop or not to chop?

    So the subject says it all. My plant is 53 day into flowering and most of the hair are brown. Check the trichomes and saw a few Amber's mostly all were cloudy. The strain is Dr krippling incredible bulk. The problem is I'm going away for thanksgiving so either chop this Sunday or wait till the...
  4. fanleaf

    Does Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk/Money Maker/White Widow x Big B live up?

    Hi guys and gals I'm prepping for my next run. It will be my first Hi Brix grow. I'm trying to decide on a few strains I haven't ran before so looking for those who have grown these for some insight. Dr Krippling incredible Bulk, does it live up to the name? I top, crop and LST and provide...
  5. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla Seeds - July Giveaway - Another 25 Seeds Up For Grabs!

    Gorilla Seeds has another 25 free cannabis seed prize packs up for grabs, for 1 lucky 420Mag member. Here's what you could win: - 5 x Royal Queen Seeds Critical Feminised - 2 x Dr. Krippling Afghan Cow - 2 x Dr. Krippling Mind Can’trol - 2 x Dr. Krippling Bud Bud Bling Tingz - 2 x Dutch...
  6. doctor green

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk

    Has anyone here on 420 grown Dr krippling incredible bulk? I have some seeds on the way and just wondering about any info eg how much stretch , true flower time , light or heavy feeder, are big yield claims true,basically anything , also how does she smoke/taste? Thanks in advance .