1. Kronnoisseur

    Abandoned Kron's Spring 2011 Indoor Medical Grow

    This grow is mostly Blue Dream, Alaskan Thunderfuck, and San Diego Catpiss. All of the following strains are contained in this grow: Alaskan Thunderfuck, San Diego Catpiss, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Cotton Candy Kush, Headband, Maui Wowie, Mr. Nice, Jack Herer, Diablo, Afghan, Afghan Kush, Blue...
  2. Kronnoisseur

    Alaskan Thunderfuck - ATF, MTF, MVTF

    So I picked up a true clone of ATF, and I'm wondering who else here works with the strain? Any advice, tips, or information on the strain is greatly appreciated. I want more people to know about it, the medication it provides for chronic pain and sleeplessness is untouched. A true medicinal...
  3. Kronnoisseur

    Blue Sky Cotton Candy VS Cotton Candy Kush

    I picked up this clone yesterday. Is it the same thing as Cotton Candy Kush which won this years Emerald Cup here in California? :tokin: Blue Sky Cotton Candy Genetics: Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Mendo Purps {Garden Rescue} Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks Effect: Nice Clear Uplifting Buzz Bouquet...
  4. Kronnoisseur

    Abandoned Kron's 2010 Summer to Fall Medigrow

    What's up with what's up? So, as promised to my patients this grow is going, and going well! Last one was wrecked with hermies from Feminised seeds (homemade), and harvested early at a whopping 4 ounces with 3 416watt 4ft T5's, WOOHOO! -.- And after all that a patient wanted me to dry and cure...
  5. Kronnoisseur

    Hermie Issue's? ATF, MTF, MVTF, Thunderfuck

    So, I've been holding onto an ATF cut since I was a full blown youngin (16 or 17). It doesn't pull a full blown hermie on me, but I've seen a nanner or two thrown at 5+ weeks (estimated, not exactly)... What I'm curious about is if anybody else with the REAL THUNDERFUCK (i.e. not Kodiak Gold...
  6. Kronnoisseur

    New School 'Newbie'

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here at and I hope to enjoy learning and spreading knowledge, along with LOTS of friggin AWESOME BUD PORN! I've got a few big grows under my belt, going on 6 years experience along with a million hours research throughout the whole online...
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