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    How healthy are these plants - Rookie operation - First day of flowering

    First day of flowering these plants are in the middle of week 9 . They dont show the sex just yet but in a few days will have that info . One of the plants has a defecincy problem if anybody can help il add those photos in , Using CFLs and T5s all the way it works and im broke. Used general...
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    Herbies Updates 28th June 2016

    We have 3 new strains available from Fast Buds Seeds today: Fast Buds Gorilla Glue 8-9 Weeks flowering Up to 24% THC 400-600 gr/m2, 50-300 gr/pp Heavy euphoric effects Medical properties Fast Buds Stardawg Chemdawg x Tres Dawg 8-9 Weeks flowering Very High THC 1% CBD 400-600...