1. G

    Abandoned Kushberry - 12/12 From Seed - 250 Watt 2100K CFL In Coco With GO Box Nutes

    I soaked 6 kushberry seeds for 20 hours. 5 sprouted tap roots. Planted all 6 in 70% coco 20% perlite 10% vermiculite mix in my 32"*32"*63" tent under a 2100k 250 watt cfl. Passive intake with 198cfm extraction fan hooked to my carbon filter. My house is air conditioned, the room is not and we...
  2. K

    Abandoned Kooks DNA Feminized Kushberry & Rocklock Grow Journal

    :welcome: havent been on for years. got some extra time on my hands during this grow so why not document for the masses. i picked up 6 feminized Dna Genetics kushberry (ogkushXoregon blueberry) and 6 rocklock(rockstarXwarlock) germed 3 each in separate glass cups of purified water.within a...
  3. L

    Completed Lotus' No Till Garden! - DNA Genetics' Golden Berry - LED - Flowering

    hey guys:) i come to you bearing a flowering journal! Soil: easy bake mix from reindeer naturals with added rock dusts. Light: platinum led P450 Area: 4x4 amazon tent with 6 inch vortex sline fan and a carbon filter. there is a humidifier in the corner that keeps the rh% at 50-60 percent...
  4. MedicalMonstr

    Completed DNA GoldenBerry - Kushberry x Jew Gold Cut - Scrog - 1400W HPS/LED - Sativa Dominate

    Here we are on day 40 of when i flipped the lights. I am surprised she didn't stretch more as i wanted more growth above the net for big colas, or will it grow vertically from this point on also? I never really paid attention to the height change after the initial stretch. This is my first scrog...
  5. MedicalMonstr

    Abandoned DNA Golden Berry - Kushberry x Jew Gold Cut - DS60 - Scrog - 400W HPS

    Genetics: Kushberry X Jew Gold Cut Type: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa Flower time: 9 weeks Yield: 450-500 m2 Started life in a grodan cube. Moved her into a basic 5 Gal bubbler setup. GH 4 output pump. Top feed until rooted. Healthy medium speed grower. Day 28 from sprout...
  6. E

    Quaint but productive

    Here is our BlueBerry Strain: And our KushBerry: The Crop: This is the first time we've EVER tried anything like this.....let us know!
  7. pan4gold49

    Abandoned Pan's Aero Garden (Super Lemon Haze) + More

    Hi Yall! :welcome: Since the Experimental part of my other garden is about complete and don't want that one to go forever. Now is the time.:smokin2: Plus soon the snow will melt and collecting time begins.:439: Now for the lineup. 2x Super Lemon Haze (2008 CC winner) by the Greenhouse 1...
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