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  1. Costanza

    3rd Grow: NYC Diesel & LA Confidential, Using Geoflora Nutrients

    This will be my 3rd grow this year. The first 2 were autos, so I am going to attempt to grow some photos. Strains- 1 NYC Diesel and 1 LA Confidential Tent- AC Infinity 4x4 tent Light- Spiderfarmer SF4000 450 watts Medium- Purple Cow Indicanja starter mix and then transplanted into...
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    jr plant
  3. S

    How far into flowering?

    Hey all, I have recently been on a long trip and set up an automatic watering/feed system for my outdoor plants. Upon my return they had already begun flowering. It has been a few weeks since then and I am still uncertain of how far each plant is into the process. As I'm using products to...
  4. StonerThor

    First Grow Mixed Bag - LA Confidential - Super Cheese Grow Journal

    So its pretty much my first grow (I've been "practicing" with a few random seeds I found for 3 weeks now) and I've picked up a mixed bag of seeds containing LA Confidential seeds, Super Cheese seeds and another unknown chronic strain from a friend. This is a breakdown of the setup: Strain -...
  5. KingJohnC

    KingJohnC's 400 Watt LA Confidential Seed Cabinet Soil Indoor Grow Journal

    What strain is it? LA Confidential Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 100% Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? vegetative switching to flower If in Veg... For how long? 65.7 days, 29.8 days since topped at 4 nodes 15 days under 400 watt Metal Halide If in Flower stage... For how...
  6. A

    Jack 47 - Super Lemon Haze - Hydro LED Scrog

    Hows it going everyone! I am so excited to be back in the growing society and back on the forum as its been way to long. This is my first grow in nearly two years and my first time with a hydroponics setup and LED so I decided to go all out and make sure I have the best of the best for my babies...
  7. N

    help. are these too small to be put under a 1000w in a flood and drain?

    YouTube - ‪La confidential‬‏ three LA confidential seedlings just put in the caps ebb and gro buckets system are they to small to be under the 1000w and food and drained? roots just broke thru the bottom of the rockwool cubes. thanks for any help..
  8. N

    someone please help dont wanna kill my babies!

    have three LA confidential seedlings under a fluorecent that are like a week and a half old they were started in rapid rooters and now they are n 4 inch rockwool cubes they were just put in them yesterday.they are in a humidity dome and tray. once the roots break out of the bottom of the...
  9. Be Irie

    Be IRIE #2 Black Death, LA Confidential, and Bubble gum..

    Well, I guess it is time to get this one going. BLACK DEATH- Black Death from Celtic Stone. The smoke is as the name states, a sure stone that ends the night. We crossed a Black Widow female with our powerhouse, Bjorn, and came up with a perfect crossing. Expect the buds to be a very light...
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