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    L.A Confidential in coco under LED

    hi, i got seeds from a friend and those come from weed that he buy. The buds was full of seeds. 2 years later i decided to try to germinated them and they have all germinate. but in a hydro shop a guy tell me, the seed that came from buds like what i got are not good one to grow, so i want...
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    CA: Marijuana Factions Join Forces To Fully Legalize L.A. Pot Shops

    A group representing a number of quasi-legal pot shops in the city of L.A. will throw its considerable weight behind a City Hall—sponsored effort to make those dispensaries fully legal. The organization, the United Cannabis Business Alliance, is scrapping its own measure, which already had...
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    L.A. Sunshine Grow

    Pics to be posted.
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    How Recreational Marijuana Will Change L.A., And How It Won't

    Critics and activists decried the invasion of dispensaries into neighborhoods like Eagle Rock and South Carthay, and the city cracked down. In 2007 a moratorium was declared in L.A., and about 135 dispensaries that had registered with the city at the time were ultimately grandfathered in as...