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    Magnum synthetic urine review in 2020!

    so its 2020 which is a crazy fuckd up year so far. Had to leave my old job here in dallas but luckily my friend put me on to a great job, got the job accepted the offer only thing is i have to take a drug test and background check. my only concern is for the urine sample i smoke everyday so i...
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    Obscure Experience with Labcorp Test

    So i decided to go with the sub method, worked for me flawlessly before. Went through the same procedure, only when i got into the room they wanted about 4-5 oz and i had about 2. Ive been clean over two weeks where i smoked for a 4 day span, dirt weed, and before that i was clean for about...
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    Can't decide what to do after dilution fail at labcorp

    Hi, I took drug test this Monday for pre employment drug screen, and the result came back as dilution. So, I'm gonna have to retake it tomorrow, but I can't decide if I should do substitution or just use my urine. I've been clean for 23 days now and I only smoked for a month before that. I...
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    Labcorp Drug Test

    Hi everyone heres the story: I had a pre employment drug screen yesterday Friday 6/05/15 at Labcorp at 3:30 pm. I had been a chronic smoker before then for about a year. Up until the day of my drug test I had stopped smoking for 39 days. I had an LOD test for THC 5 days before my actual...
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    Labcorp DT?

    Hey everyone, new to the forums! Have been reading a lot of the posts about DT and has been pretty helpful :thumb: I have a drug test coming up on the 27th (last time i smoked was the 11th). Normally smoke pretty much everyday about .3 - .5g split with my gf. Sometimes a little more sometimes...
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    Pass your urine drug test using niacin at labcorp

    so im a heavy smoker...smoke a half of loud in 5 days alone and use the roaches for the last 2 days before I reup. mindful i smoke by my lonesome. Recently i walked out on my shitty fast food job and started searching for general labor and plant jobs. Had 3 pre employment test and passed all...
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    PeePack Did The Job!

    I read this forum before testing and wanted to explain a bit more in detail what I went threw with my test. Of course here I am getting tested for a new job. All my coke head buddies can pass but forget that. I researched like crazy how to pass a test and found synthetic urine was the only...
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    New to the Forums - Michigan MMJ - UA's - Etc.

    So here's the thing tokers.. I've now been a Michigan MMJ Patient for over a year, and I still cannot find information anywhere so hopefully someone here can I help. Does having my MMJ card in Michigan protect me from testing positive for THC on pre-employment drug tests? - Any insight on this...
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