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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Quebec Groups Worried About Impact Of Cannabis In The Workplace

    Quebec's largest labor federation and a major business group say the provincial government needs to pay particular attention to the workplace consequences of cannabis use. The Quebec Federation of Labor and the federation that represents Quebec's chambers of commerce made the comments today...
  2. Ron Strider

    Tories Will Leave Britain In Dope Dark Ages - Teesside Cannabis Club, Want Legalized

    Britain will be left in the 'dope dark ages' if the Tory's win the General Election. That's according to a Teesside cannabis campaigner, who also feels voters should shun the Liberal Democrats - despite the party's pledge to legalize weed. Lib Dem chief Tim Farron's would allow the Class B...
  3. B

    New here - Otherwise elderly baby boomer

    Hello, I am new here but in my second year of enjoying growing things. I personally don't use, but I enjoy giving away the fruits of my labor to my many friends that do. I just like learning new things at an advanced age, never to old to learn.