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  1. K

    8 Unknown 1 GG#4

    Seedlings grown indoor from germination under a 400W MH bulb connected to an 400cfm exhaust fan. Intake 140cfm fan Temps range from 84°-91°F / Humidity drops to a low 21% and high 40ish 5, 10 day old seedlings, 1 dwarf plant ( 8 weeks old) Both "Lady" and the "GG#4" outdoor grow...
  2. J

    Blue Dream F. Auto. still hope or not ?

    Hi Everyone. I have a situation here that I couldn't find an useful answer anywhere. This is my first grow x2 Auto blue dream in Coco, exact same feed / conditions for the 2. LED Mars Hydro 300 + x3 24W CFL's. One of the two had a lot of deformities and grew very differently to the...
  3. C

    She's An Old Lady - Not Early Miss

    My Early Miss, more like Old Lady auto from CKS is taking FOREVER to finish. It's advertised to flower in 8 weeks. It's now at Day 106 and still has many days left to go. Since I'm running out of product I had to snip off a branch to dry and hold me over until my EM finally gets around to...
  4. Jorgie Nuggz

    Grow Number Two - The Keeper Of The Northern Lights & The Lady In Pink

    And so it begins. So yesterday I decided that I was not going to be bullied into stopping. I have always been a REBEL and at 55 years young I'm not going to stop now. This is now my second grow and not an experiment. GENETICS; Bubblicious By RESIN SEEDS. (LADY IN PINK) Bubblegum...
  5. A

    What is going on with this lovely lady? Please help

    How do you add a photo lol. Its not giving me the option....
  6. K

    Is it a lady?

    I think its a lady in preflower (Crop Kings Haze extreme) but I wanted to post a pic to know for sure. It sure would be nice. I'm on my fist grow in many many years with three autos is a bad state due to PH issues. I think I've got those dialed in now but the yield is gonna suffer big time. I...
  7. FriarTuck

    Sour Grape Kush feminized monster clone

    i'm following this guy's youtube grow using only Foxfarm FX14000 Ocean Forest Soil. so my lady started to bud and and i am now on 4th week in bud. help me please!!!
  8. R

    Japan's First Lady Touts Revival Of Hemp Culture

    There seem to be few dull moments in the life of first lady Akie Abe, who sometimes spends her time hosting a web-based talk show, harvesting honey from a bee farm and even paying occasional visits to the contentious Yasukuni Shrine. Most recently, Ms. Abe raised eyebrows after telling a...
  9. AKgramma

    Is this lady ready to harvest?

    This lady is the best yet, and it is SOOOOO sticky with hard colas. She is OG Kush, sativa ancestry and has been in flower 60 days. Height is 30 inches including bin. Is she ready? I cannot tell through the loupe the difference between cloudy and clear trics. Old eyes. But the digital camera...