1. GL5033

    Royal Room Grow Tent Lights

    I got 2 grow tents on my eye : RoyalRoom® Classic C120S 120x60x180cm or RoyalRoom® Classic C100 100x100x200cm And i need about 50k lumen's, can you recommend any led lamps ? max price is $400. It has to be led becouse HPS/MH are takeing way too much energy.
  2. M

    What do you think about this LED lamp?

    I wanna use this lamp for a 80x80x160 growbox...
  3. M

    Best LED lamp for 300€/$? 80x80x160 growbox

    im searching for a LED lamp, for a 80x80x160 growbox
  4. Tris420

    Which lamp should I get for my tent?

    Hey 420 Friends, At the moment I´m growing my plants under 2x Mars Hydro 96x5Watt in a 80cmx80cmx160cm Tent ( 2.6ft x 2.6ft x 5.2ft ). But now i kinda want to switch things up... I want to test a HPS Lamp, to see if I can get better results. I´m not sure if I should get a 400Watt or...
  5. K

    Want to buy a new LED lamp

    Hi, I'm new, I'm at the second grow experience. I was satisfied with the first experiment, and now I'm replying for the second time by editing a series of variables. I am a nerd, in the European sense of the term, in short, I like technological things. I would like to change my 210W LED lamp...
  6. P

    Comparing LED light options

    Hi I use a Diamond Series XML 350 to cover a 5x5 foot area. Things are doing great but the lamp was expensive. Now I see lamps like this one that are 108w and a fraction of the price and I'm wondering how good they are. How would it compare with the lamp I already have in terms of result...
  7. Tris420

    Which Lamp For My Growbox ?

    Hey 420 Guys .. Im looking for the perfect lamp for my Growbox .. at the moment Im using a Mars Hydro 150 watt but i want more Power .. Size of my Tent is 40cmx40cmx125cm thats 1,31234 feet x 1,31234 feet x 4,10105 feet . Hope you can give me some Advice on which lamp i should buy ...
  8. T

    Himalayan Salt Lamp For Natural Negative Ions?

    Could someone use a Himalayan salt lamp in their grow tent/space to generate negative ions naturally?
  9. J

    Confused - Help with purchasing HPS setup

    Hey guys im a newbie and on the veg of my first indoor grow,im using cfl for now but switching to hps when i throw my gals into flower. Im planning on getting 2 400watt phillips hps bulbs (pic below) cuz their pretty cheap, basically i went to look at double lamp ballasts at home depot and i...
  10. S

    led lamp

    I'm looking for some help with LED lights. I'm a new grower from Massachusetts who recently purchased bridgeable LED grow lights. I noticed a majority of the lights are pink but there are a few blue as well as red lights and didn't know what the different colors work for. There is also a...
  11. gr865

    Light stand for vertical grow!

    Just completed the light stand for my 5 plant vertical screen winter grow. it sits over a 12" 3 speed fan blowing vertical and a secondary fan as needed. Here is a pic of the lamp stand for the 400W HPS to fit over the fan, finished today. Changing the height of the lamp will be done...
  12. gr865

    GR's Winter 2016 Vertical Grow!

    Hello everyone, after a mainly failed attempt at vertical on the last grow, I am here to give it another shot. Hopefully I have learned from some of my mistakes and this grow will be a success. Made a few changes in setup. Still running in the 4x4x6.5 Gorilla Grow Tent Lite. Changed...
  13. T

    Few questions on LED

    Hello everyone :) i am planing on making use of closed windowless space in my House for a 3-4 plant "operation" i have Choco loco seeds 90% sativa 10 Indica, i am looking for more bush and less height. Because of poor ventalation do to closed windowless space i am going for LED's. I am...
  14. B

    Help to choose the right watts LED lamp

    hello. for a grow room width 0,80 cm , length 1,10 cm , height 2,70 cm ( 4 plants) how many watts led lamp i need? i was told i need an hps 400 watt for this space .how many watts in led?
  15. M

    Is 300 watt enough for 5 plants?

    Hello everyone! I'm beginner at growing.I want to buy a 300w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM. Is this enough or low per 5 plants ?:thumb:
  16. R

    Did I take this cheap LED lamp?

    Hi dudes i find a cheap led lamp but i cant trust chinese sellers. is there anybody buy them leds ? 2016 New cob 100W/200w 8band full spectrum red+blue+White+ IR+UV led
  17. C

    Raspberry Cough Medical Grow

    :welcome: Might be useful for people interested in this strain . Raspberry Cough is one of the highly recommendable medical marijuana strains because of its calm, revitalizing, and well-defined effects. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain is a crossbreed between the high THC producing strain...
  18. R

    Join Us In Welcoming Our New Sponsor Timber Grow Lights

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Timber Grow Lights to our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world, sharing and gaining...
  19. J

    Can I germ-veg-flower with Mars 2 Hydro 700w?

    i have a mars 2 hydro 700, i want to germ veg and flower with it. i have a 2 by 3 tent and i wonder if the lamp is too powerfull for germinating. would it be better to germ-veg with my old 250 watt MH lamp?
  20. K

    MH lamp for my 7 days old plant

    hello everybody ! i have a 3x3 grow tent ,today 7. day for my seedling and i decided to run 250W mh lamp . I have used spiral 6500K fluorescent so far ... temp is 26 celsius (78.8 fahrenheit) humidity 60 and little van is running. I think this is early to run hid but is this harmful for my...
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