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  1. Ron Strider

    Get It Right: California Cannabis Business Lease Agreements

    Commercial leases for cannabis businesses are unique and require special considerations for risk management during the tenancy. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, in addition to the normal cannabis-sensitive provisions that go into cannabis lease agreements, you should also consider the...
  2. K

    NS: Landlord Shuts Halifax Marijuana Shop, But Owner Vows To Reopen

    A Halifax marijuana dispensary has been locked out by its landlord, but owner Shirley Martineau vows to reopen Auntie's Health and Wellness in a new location. "I'm shocked," Martineau said Friday when CBC News told her the store was shuttered. "They accepted the rent." Martineau said she...
  3. S

    Urgent - Need advice! - Landlord busted roomie and I

    Sorry if this is wrong forum to post in or if this topic has been covered in a recent post but I kind of don't have time to spend a whole lot of time searching for hit and miss answers. I'm from Nebraska and our landlord entered our place and saw our pipe and cannabis on the table. Note the...
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