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  1. Let there be seeds

    Let there be seeds

    Mama TK x Studley Oct 2019
  2. 21st Century Wild - Mama TK reveg

    21st Century Wild - Mama TK reveg

    I have gently drawn two branches outwards to make space for new growth
  3. Mama TK

    Mama TK

  4. Mama TK

    Mama TK

  5. Mama TK

    Mama TK

    She changes every day and I have no idea what to expect. Learning through action. Wax on... wax off... saving the planet one gesture at a time
  6. Cuttings Day 2: Looking Decorative

    Cuttings Day 2: Looking Decorative

    the cuttings I took yesterday morning didn't make it through the day so I clipped them more and put them in water
  7. Red Hairs

    Red Hairs

    This is my landrace Transkei plant. I think this might be a Rooibaard but who knows.
  8. The last 2-

    The last 2-

    Had to share em all!
  9. Under the Sun!

    Under the Sun!

    A picture of them under the 600w MH@50% power
  10. 20181023_104430.jpg


    DT - Putting the Gold in the Acapulco Gold here. I'm gonna go with 75ish days in flower. First set of fan leaves are giving up the goodness. Flowers getting bigger fan leaves falling off.
  11. T

    Malawi Grown Down Under!

    Hello all :) I've decided to start a journal to document this special grow of mine. Yesterday I dropped 5 seeds of the Malawi seeds i recieved from a friend of a friend, I have been told these genetics are one of the best malawi seeds going around so i'm really keen to try these out and...
  12. G

    Purple Zebra x Columbian Red Point & Durban Bubble x CRP In Hempies LED & CFL 12-12 From Seed

    Growing setup... 32"x48"x60" tent 1 mars300 led 250 watt 2100k fluorescent in wing reflector 192 watts of mixed spectrum 23 watt cfl's Grown in fish aquarium gravel hempies with about 2" of coco/perlite/vermiculite as a cap to start seeds in. Nutes are KISS maxibloom only. Lighting schedule...
  13. wwhateley

    WW's Landrace Grow - Panama

    Hi everyone and welcome to my 4th grow journal! I'm focusing on a sativa landrace this time and I'm really excited to grow it and to try it out. As always, I'm growing a single plant. This time, I will only veg for 45 days. My setup : Seed : Feminized Panama seed by Ace Seeds Lights...
  14. G

    Landrace Wild Thai growth rate

    Seed popped after after 7 days + 3 into rockwool. Been 30 days and seedling stopped growing after 14 days. Just tiny: one small leaf set. Otherwise, very healthy appearance. Typical for a landrace sativa? (World of Seeds)
  15. F

    Hey guys

    The original FrassBaxx here from beautiful Jamaica. I had a profile here a few years ago, when the color of the forum was green. I learnt almost everything about marijuana here. Ganja is more than just a medicine to me. Its the only natural remedy I have for hangovers which convinced me to stop...
  16. E

    Empy's - Indoor - LED - Cheap Grow

    Hey folks! I got some seeds from a friend and a room in the cellar to build a growbox in so i decided to start an indoorgrow besides my planned outdoorgrow. The box will NOT be a hightech killertent but rather a low level wooden box with maybe 2 computerfans for air intake and exhaust. I do not...
  17. B

    Help! Sagada Landrace - Dying/Yellowing Leaves

    Sagada Landrace 1st grow Strain - Sagada Landrace # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Setup - Space Bucket Light - 3 pcs 24 Watt CFL Nutrients - None Pests - None Known Problems - Dying/yellowing leaves at the bottom. Any info/recommendations on what to do? Its...
  18. T

    ambitious project

    I live in semi arid(lowish humidity) tropical conditions and have access to a pot farmer. I wish to cultivate the correct seeds for him and basically perform genetic infiltration of landraces. My local landraces tend to be denser side of Sativa's ,have very strong fruit smell but take ages to...
  19. J.Cervantes

    Strains with Jorge Cervantes Old School + New School Comparison

    Check this video that looks at old and new strains. Look for more videos every week from us!
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