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  1. Ron Strider

    Bay City Commission Adopts Medical Marijuana Ordinance Language

    The Bay City Commission with just one no vote passed new ordinance language Monday to govern the operation of medical marijuana facilities. 8th Ward Commissioner Ed Clements says it will mean hope for people suffering from various medical ailments and the possibility of more revenue to help...
  2. K

    Why The State's Highest Court Just Rewrote The Marijuana Legalization Ballot Question

    The highest court in Massachusetts is rewriting the wording of a ballot question that seeks to legalize recreational marijuana, announcing the change in a ruling issued Wednesday morning. The same day proponents for marijuana legalization submitted signatures to put the measure on the ballot...
  3. K

    Marijuana Makes It Into Dem. Platform, But Party Fails To Address Obscene Scheduling

    For the first time, a major U.S. political party has embraced a strongly reformist platform plank on marijuana. Members of a panel of the Democratic National Committee Platform Drafting Committee approved the language last weekend. Though it's not as forthright as the position sought by...
  4. R

    Ohio AG Rejects Petition For Medical Marijuana

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Monday rejected a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would attempt to legalize marijuana for medical and industrial use in the state. On March 10th, the Ohio Attorney General's Office received a written petition to amend the Ohio Constitution...
  5. R

    Ohio AG Mike DeWine Rejects 4th Petition For Ohio Medical Marijuana Amendment

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected the fourth petition for a medical marijuana amendment in the state. The general's office announced the decision Friday. The proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution would attempt to legalize marijuana for medical use. The general's office...
  6. R

    Ohio's Medical Marijuana Backers Unfazed By Ballot Language Rejection

    The first stab at getting a medical marijuana amendment on Ohio's ballot has failed, but organizers of the plan say they're not surprised. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine found three "defects" with Marijuana Policy Project's ballot language, which it submitted this month after gaining the...