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  1. seedlingmtl

    Seedlings 1st: Black Cherry Punch, Laniakea, Lemon Thai Kush

    Okie.....here we go. Second journal/grow, but this time straight up Doc Bud's High Brix Blend all the way! I had tons of growing pains in the last run....lots of mistakes, but lots of fun as well. Ended up with some good looking produce, but we are gonna try and take it to the next level with...
  2. Curly Beaver

    Beav's Fall 2016 Grow - ThunderStruck - Treasure Island - Laniakea

    I have been chopping quite a few plants here just lately and starting thinking ahead to this fall's grow so I dug out some beans this morning. Super Silver Haze OG Kush Laniakea #2 & #3 ThunderStruck They'll be in FFOC soil using Mills Nutrients. Llighting will be from two MarsHydro...
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