1. GL5033

    Second Outdoor grow

    Seeds: I really dont know i live in a temperate climate, if you could recommend me fast seeds from SEED to harvest Less than 80days would be awsome. Nuts: Biobizz outdoor starter pack Soil: biobizz all-mix What i should else get for outdoor if you have any recommendations for me that would be...
  2. Ron Strider

    Ghana: Large Indian-Hemp Farm Destroyed

    The Bibiani Divisional Command of the Ghana Police Service has arrested Kwadwo Kwaayie, aged 30 for allegedly cultivating large tracts of Indian Hemp at Sefwi Mmrewa in the Western Region. The Regional Police Public Relations Officer Olivia Adiku said the police was hinted on the illegal...
  3. O

    My San Diego backyard is a laboratory

    I grow cannabis as much for learning as for product in San Diego's benign climate. It's a benefit of retirement. This year the variables are (1) planting from peat pots directly in the soil v transplanting to a bigger pot until the seedling is bigger; (2) strain - hk v ogk; (3) growing in the...
  4. johmby


    I am setting up a grow room. My interest is a perpetual garden in 15 gallon cloth pots of Coco and worm compost. Some scrog tables 4x4. Some tress. Goal is large plants through a 12 week veg. All LED driven. Any comments?
  5. G

    Hello to all of ya

    my plants are 5 days old with 2 sets of leaves when i souhld transplant them to another pot ?and can i pass them to a large pots ? (or what is your advice by your experience ? thanks mate
  6. B

    Homemade propagation dome - How much light? LED's

    Building a homemade propagation dome to start my seeds in from a large rubbermaid container since I wish to use 4'' rockwool cubes and standard propagation domes are not large enough. My question is how much light from LED's should i use for my dome? I am looking at 12, 24 and 36W led's. Also...
  7. BonzaSeedBank

    September Sale At Bonza Seeds!

    Get a green thumb and start growing today! Plus if you buy some seeds, you get some free seeds also. We have a large selection of strains to pick from. FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here
  8. lazyfish

    How much do I need to fertilize large outdoor plants?

    Hello Everyone, I have a large 6 foot outdoor plant and it has started showing yellowing leaves and burnt tips at the lower mid and close to the top sections of the plant. When I first noticed this two weeks ago I gave it a foliar spray with seaweed extract (micronutrients) and fertilized with...
  9. N

    Large mogul based CFLs?

    Im not too sure where i read this but, i read that the large CFLs like the 10-12 inch 125watt+ ones are best when presented to the plant sideways rather than up and down... these kind.... i just want to make sure i use it to the best of its advantage :):thanks::Namaste::thumb:
  10. L

    New California student grower!

    Hey im starting my first post here after moving into Cali from texas!! Check out the beginning of my grow journal . I wanna learn a bunch about DIY home made Nutrients and feeding .... i can use plants here and organics around my garden here in the Bay area. I have a large Aloe and access...
  11. Heraldo

    Jabba the Hutt was a stoner

    I'm probably not the first to pick up on this, but after having a good laugh watching Return of the Jedi last night I thought I'd throw it out there. So, yeah... in the scenes inside Jabba's palace you can see him smoking a waterpipe and being fanned with what seems to be an awfully large weed...
  12. D

    Individual 5 Gal Buckets vs One Large Container - Any Thoughts?

    I'm building a DWC system and thinking about buying a large storage bin (like this: HDX 55 Gal. Storage Tote in Black (Pack of 4)-HDX55GONLINE(4) - The Home Depot) to fill up the majority of my 2x4 veg tent instead of individual 5 gal buckets. This allows me to only test 1 water container...
  13. H


    looking for inside hydroponic grow with large yield. using 2000 watt lights on moving light tracks. will scrog for better yield.
  14. D

    Air Pump Size or Recommendations? For (12) 27 Gallon RDWC

    Hello all, and thank you for your help it is much needed xD. I am wanting to start a hydro greenhouse, with RDWC. I am planning on 12 plants in the greenhouse, i am looking at 27 - 30 gallon tote for ea plant. I am a COMPLETE NEWB and thinking the larger totes will allow larger growth? And...
  15. V

    6000w/Perpetual Harvest/Full atmospheric Control/Detail Med-Grow Construction/Support

    Welcome to the construction of a 6000w grow! Whether You have roots in the ground, or are still germinating your idea's, we can all learn. I really wanted to start a journal because I am going to have a fast paced learning opportunity, so I want to humbly, but ambitiously, seek help from those...
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