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    Newbie 1st grow needs advice

    I have 3 plants in a hydroponic setup. All 3 are from seed, problem is one plant has become larger than the other 2 by a long way and is in danger of shrouding the light from it's neighbour. They are all Trainwreck strain and in week 6 of grow with 20/4 hours light/dark. How can I either...
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    Long term storage

    I'm putting some goodies away for a while. For each package I will use four smaller 5 mil, 5 layer mylar bags inside of a larger bag of the same type and keep in a cool, dark place. I can't really vacuum all the air out of any of the bags without getting really freaky building attachments for...
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    My girls are pregnant

    Hi Guys, First time grower here and I'm stressing out! My girls are now producing seeds. The picture below was taking about 2 weeks ago, the buds have since grown larger but not sure how much larger they will grow. What do I do now that she is producing seeds? Is it best to chop her...
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    Repot Re-Vegged Hempy Pot Plant

    In my last grow I used a 30oz coffee can finished as a Hempy Pot with moderately hood success. This grow was only my second but it went way better than the first did so I've been a happy camper since it ended and learned some good new things along the way to boot. I am re-vegging the plant in...