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    Purple Punch
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    Purple Punch
  3. B

    Colorado Indoor - Fox Farm - 18 Larry OG Kush

    Hello all, Here we are again in the heart of Colorado..This will be a mostly picture based journal...I could ramble on about how,when,where,who,what,WhatEverr...So basically I'll spare you the nonsense and get straight to action, but If you have any questions feel free to ask!! I am starting...
  4. S

    Larry og

    vegged her for 2 months I put her under 2 600s I just want to see the difference I have pulled a lb off a 600 watt hps I was just going to see the difference with 2. I scrogged here and stripped the bottom of the plant for bigger fruits but Hope you enjoy. Leave comments or questions will try to...
  5. K

    Kushington Farms and Larry OG

    01/15/14 Good Highs everyone, How is everyone doing today? This thread is dedicated to Larry OG. This is a totally new strain to me and I am excited to see how it turns out. I will be running other plants later in the thread as I cut clones off of this one :) I have a veg room that is 10x10...
  6. D

    TNS - First Indoor Grow - 2013

    DAY 1 The wife and I setup the tent last night, and went and got some babies today!! We're shooting for as close to 100% Organic as possible w/ an indoor setup. We're no strangers to gardening as a whole. The last location in which we resided, we decided to convert 3/4 of the backyard into an...
  7. WestSideGrow

    Purple larry help! - rust looking color on one leaf

    Hello again 420, I've been away from the site for some time now. I have started a grow ( Grandaddy purp X Larry OG ) Purple Larry. Same as before - fox farms ocean forest medium, 26 watt cfl (for now) Now the grow is going very very well speedy, steady growth. Her stalk is completely...
  8. WestSideGrow

    What's you're favorite strain?

    Hello 420 members, just pondering on my thoughts and I have to say, Larry OG has to be (hands down) my favorite strain of all time. 1. Larry OG 2. Train wreck 3. Bubuwreck Larry OG had the most hairs then any other strain I've smoked, even more so then orange kush. Gave me a nice body high...
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