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  1. Ron Strider

    New Shop Plans To Sell CBD Oil In Garden City. Will Idaho Marijuana Laws Allow It?

    To Michael Larsen and John Chaves, the cannabidiol oil products they plan to sell at Welcomed Science in Garden City offer a legal remedy for pain, anxiety and inflammation. But because the product, known as CBD oil, is derived from marijuana plants, the store likely will prompt law...
  2. K

    Canada: Marijuana Missionary Set To Speak In Kamloops Thursday Night

    A cannabis evangelist who pioneered one of Canada's earliest dispensaries is not sitting back waiting for the Trudeau government to provide Canadians with legal marijuana. "I'll believe it when I see it," said Dana Larsen, who operates a dispensary in Vancouver, served as editor of Cannabis...
  3. R

    OverGrow Canada Cannabis Tour Launches In Kelowna

    More than 250 people came out Tuesday night to join Sensible B.C.'s Dana Larsen during the launch of his campaign to legalize marijuana in Canada. They each collected 100 free high-CBD cannabis seeds that Larsen has asked them to plant in plain site, something that's illegal in Canada. The...
  4. R

    Canada: Pot Activist Mails Message To Liberal MPs - A Book With A Gram Enclosed

    Liberal MPs will soon be getting some interesting and fragrant mail. Pot activist and former B.C. NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is sending a special package to the 184 politicians. The manila envelope contains his and illustrator Patrick Dowers' new book Cannabis in Canada, the...