1. J

    Week 3 from seed - New leaves on particular plant came in scrunched & look like tips

    Hey guys... Im on week 3 and all 12 of my seedlings are doing ok besides some of them stretching . But anyway can anyone tell me why these leaves are scrunched up like that and the tip looks burnt on the leaf closest? I do have a fan on my plants, im using cfls and they are close but cant...
  2. GabeNeo

    Larvae In Reservoirs

    Getting these weird swimming larvae in my reservoirs of the grow tables. Not sure if they are getting into the roots and such... putting in some Quantum Apocalype and H2O2 etc but they are still kind of sticking around. Anyone have experience or know of what I am going through? Thanks so much...
  3. webanator

    Alien bug!

    This is my first post, so please bear with me.during my final part of the harvest, which is the root of my beloved blueberry strain plant. I discovered what looks like an alien bug I've personally have never seen before. Can anyone shed any light on what planet this big bugger came from? I am...
  4. S

    Larvae on the under side of my leaves

    I have a fungus gnat problem that i thought i had under control with Diatomaceous Earth. I noticed several of my lower leaves turing yellow with dark scarred specks from some sort of 1mm larvae sucking the life out of my leaves. they look like a pic of fugus gnat larvae but every where i look...
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