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    Silver Mountain #2 By Desert Grown Farms

    Silver Mountain #2 is a Sativa dominant Hybrid grown by Desert Grown Farms. It's 27% THC and had a strong citrus smell. I usually smoke a lot of indica but when I smoke sativas they always smell hella lemony, which means they’re high in limonene. Limonene makes you feel uplifted, focused and...

    Chocolate Diesel By House of Herbs In Las Vegas

    QUALITY WEED ALERT!! Y’all I picked up this Chocolate Diesel by House of Herbs from and I swear to you it changed my life. Its 28% THC with 4.6mg Caryophyllene, 1.9mg Limonene, and 1.3mg Myrcene. It smelled 100% like a diesel and was dank as hell. It broke down AMAZING too. I rolled it up in a...

    Sex Candy By Mother Herb In Las Vegas

    Sex Candy is an Indica Strain by by Mother Herb. It’s 23% THC, 4mg Caryophyllene, 3.7mg Limonene, and 1.1mg Linalool. Although the terpenes are kind of wack, this strain was heavy and slowly wore down in about 2 hours time. I felt giggly and light weight with MAJOR munchies. It tasted really...

    Gelato Cake By Greenway Medical In Las Vegas

    Gelato Cake is an Indica strain by Greenway Medical. It’s 27% THC with 13.91 Limonene, 6.65 Caryophyllene, and 4.24 Linalool. I'm noticing that strains with the word cake in them tend to be REALLY tasty, because I'm telling you… this Gelato Cake literally smells and tastes exactly like its...

    Zombie Kush by Prime Cannabis In Las Vegas

    Heavy Indica Alert!!!! So this Zombie Kush is something else. It’s technically a Indica Hybrid but this strain is a knockout! It was grown by Prime. It’s 28% THC and was high in Pinene A and B as well as Caryophyllene, meaning that it helps with pain, stress and increases alertness. This bud...

    Alien Moon Pie By Garden Of Weeden In Las Vegas

    Alien Moon Pie is a heavy indica strain by Garden of Weeden! This is a strain that took me a while to try, but it was seeing the same customers come in over and over for Alien Moon Pie that made me think I might be missing out on something good. I asked the customers about it and they all said...
  7. Djinn777

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Right?

    Plan on going all in on relocating to Las Vegas to start my own grow. Anybody able to give me any advice? I'm fairly familiar with the laws, but not with the consequences of breaking them.is the market looking good in Nevada? Is it next to impossible for a home grower to move up to the...
  8. D

    Hello all

    Hello im Dandylion Kincaid a medical grower in southern Nevada las Vegas area and i run a consulting business for New medical grower to learn how to grow and and supply the with a variety of medical strains ready to induce flowering i do not charge but respectfully ask for a small percentage of...
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