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  1. Ron Strider

    ND: Industrial Hemp Continues To Grow Even During Drought Conditions

    Farmers and Ranchers in the western half of North Dakota have been looking to the sky, begging for rain for months. Producers of one crop, however, aren't sweating as hard as the rest. Industrial hemp may look like marijuana, but it has none of the ingredients that give smokers a high. It...
  2. K

    Seeds Of History - Laub Plants Industrial Hemp In Pilot Program

    Elgin, North Dakota — Out in a field that can be viewed from the windows of a farmhouse in southwestern North Dakota, Clarence Laub III, finished seeding his industrial hemp crop on June 1. Laub III had already planted the other crops on the family farm, planting their sunflowers the week...
  3. R

    Four ND Farmers First To Grow Industrial Hemp On Their Own Farms

    In a move ripe with history, four North Dakota farmers have been chosen to be the first to grow industrial hemp on their own farms. Under the Department of Agriculture's new industrial hemp pilot program, these four were selected: Clarence Laub II of Elgin, N.D.; David H. Lommen of Maddock...
  4. R

    North Dakota: Elgin Farmer Hopeful For Hemp Growing Permit

    State officials identified potential growers, including one in Grant County, to test whether industrial hemp could be successfully grown in North Dakota. Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring will make the final choices, but three or four of the 11 eligible producer applications stood out...