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  1. Peaky Blinder

    Peaky Blinder's - 1000W HPS - Ebb & Flow - LSD Grow - First Journal

    What's up 420 fam! This is my very first grow journal and coincidently enough, my first grow altogether. I spent a bit of time on here as a pure spectator without a voice and now I'm thinking it's well time I came off the bench and got my ass in the game. :51: so without further ado, I invite...
  2. F

    Will A LAYER of Clay Pellets in soil increase pot drainage?

    Im doing a passive hydro with a peatmoss soilless mix(sunshine mix#4) and i heard that if you mix clay pellets or rather put a Layer of clay in the middle that u can increase drainage in turn resulting in more frequent waterings/fertilzers with less chance of salt build up and nut lock...
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