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  1. SashaShiva

    Turning Lead Into Gold - Resin To Honey Oil

  2. S

    DIY Duct Muffler

    hey guys just sharing my muffler i made out of 250mm pvc pipe and insulated with sound lag, a lead lined foam. The end caps are cut a bit rough but still does the job.
  3. R


    Aloha everybody, I am new to this site and thought it would be a good idea to register because I started ordering seeds again and research has made me aware of crop king seeds. On the site it did lead me to 420magazine. Aloha
  4. M

    Screens - Brass or Stainless

    I have seen a variety of answers to the above question across various web sites and including 420M. So, I went to Wikipedia to see if they had any light to shed on the subject. Especially concerning the question as to whether Brass has any lead content and the danger from such an alloy...
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