leaf burn

  1. Is this plant overwatered?

    Is this plant overwatered?

    Is this plant looking overwatered?
  2. Leaf Spotting 3rd Leaves

    Leaf Spotting 3rd Leaves

    The leaf issue is spreading upwards slowly. Calmag given 1 July.
  3. Leaf Spotting 3rd Leaves

    Leaf Spotting 3rd Leaves

    The leaf issue is spreading upwards slowly. Calmag given 1 July.
  4. T

    New to growing: questions about timing, feeding & what am I doing wrong

    Hi, I am growing Aloha & Banana Autoflower in NJ. I started the seeds the beginning of May and moved them outside in NJ around June 1st. They are in pots of Manure, hummus & garden soil. The soil has been treated with organic fruit tree fertilizer in the first weeks and again about a week...
  5. 420growsessions

    Leaf burn from lower side

    Hello again guys, I need some help with this issue I’m facing for 2-3 weeks now. I’ve attached a picture of the leaf I’ve cut from lower half of the plant. Following are some details Soil Grow Strain Kalashnikov Hybrid 60-40%(I-S) Around 20 plants in Vegetative stage 5th week Growing indoor...
  6. Km021

    Help my plant

    Hi, im growing silver haze in a pot outdoor/sun and recently i have noticed that lower leaves start to drying and burning from edges and tips, first it is appeared on bigger leaves randomly all over my plant , starts to wilting inside and drops easily, now the new leaves tips also on cola start...
  7. J Obadiah

    Veteran Grower: Rook mistakes, I need an assist

    So I woke up this morning and the plants are burned beyond all EFFING recognition and I'm in semi panic mode. I'm about 120% sure I simply sprayed and let them get too hot and too sunny. I have them in the following: Outdoor, warm environment. Semi-shaded. Others are in a tent that I keep...
  8. A

    White Widow problem

    Hi Guys! I sorry in advance for my English...I’m Italian I’m running a grow with 4 plants in a 5 gallons pots under a spider farmer sf4000...2 Og Kush witch are simply amazing and 2 White Widows witch form the beginning, even if the growth is always been vigorous, showed some leafs green life...
  9. B

    Plant leaves curling, lower ones turning yellow

    Hey fellers, i am here to ask for your help. Recently i had to move coz of some problems i had in my life due to which i think my plants are sad. I used very little bit of hydroponics and fed my plant only once after which it was growing very well. But when i had to move my house to a new...
  10. Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry with a nitrogen toxicity.
  11. N

    Help: Leaves Curling Up & Brown Spots

    Hey guys, i’m New here, i’m Growing 3 critical autos and one of them have a leaf problem that I can’t find what it is, i’m In week 3 of flower and the plant top leafs start curling up and the edges becomes brown with some brown spots, I don’t know what to do.. please help me Temps a 24/28...
  12. thanyawit

    Help me, one plant no more grow up, first time growing

    Hey my friend i need you help i have 2 plant of qucik one 1 of Speed Haze and 1 of Super Haze i have 1 of quick one no leaf no more grow Set Up: Soil - Seeding in cup - 800 watt LED Day1-5 - 27 inchs from top of plants 24Hrs. From Day 6 > till now (day12) 40 inchs from top of plants 18/6 light...
  13. 1

    Leaf Tip Curling - 6 Wk Vegetative - Need Help Diagnosing

    Two female plants in the sixth week of their vegetative states. Both have the tips of the uppermost leaves curling down. One is experiencing yellowing/drying out of two leaf tips closer to the base. First time growing and unsure of what to do. I suspect there might be a problem with the pH or...
  14. F

    Leaf Burn? Maybe - Please help

    OK, so I'm re-vegging my girl from my last grow and the same signs of something wrong seem to be showing up... I use the3 Part Hobbiest "Advanced Nutrients" Nutes with the same brand supplements at their recommended feeding doesages of 4ml/L for the 3 Part and 2ml/L for the supplements. She...
  15. T

    Help my plant is sick (photos)

    SOIL GROW Strain - unknown # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - veg Bucket Size - 15x25x25cm Lights - (3) 23 Watt CFL (2 warm 1 cold) Nutrients - (20-20-20) RH - 50% to 55% Room Temperature -around 25 celcius Solution Temperature -65 to 69 Room Square Footage - 50x50cm...
  16. S

    Help! what am i doing wrong?

    could sombody please tell me what im doing wrong. sensi a & b i just started using b52 today i know i was kinda late as these are 2 1/2 weeks in. is that whats causing it? under a 1000watt light also please help.
  17. trichomes

    Clones transplanted 3 days ago, Not Happy, help!

    Clones transplanted 3 days ago. Maybe too strong/too much sun??? Shade leaves on top dying, light colored patches spreading on the lower shade leaves. Any tips GREATLY appreciated!!*
  18. S

    Black spots, leaf burn and lighting?

    Hello all from down under, New to this site and to growing indoors. I have some problems I need your help with please! I have been growing outdoors for years but have decided to try my hand at indoors this year as I had some sensi seeds and want to keep the strain going. Ok so here it...
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