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leaf color

  1. X

    Advice please

    So im new to the forum, i specifically googled "best marijuana growing forum" just so i could reach out for some help and advice, as well as to read up cause thats what ive done up until this point. Just a bit about my setup bottom up, running hydroponic setup. Drain and fill. Its small only...
  2. Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    After flushing a couple of times, mysterious nutrient deficiency continues.
  3. R

    Half of one of the leaves color is turning to pale green

    it\'s about three days that I\'ve changed the light to 12/12 and now half of one of the leave\'s color is changing to pale green. also, top leaves are all pale green...can anyone tell me what it is and what should I do?!
  4. G

    First Grow - First Journal - Advice Welcome

    hello dear freindz :) first grow from unknown strains-day 14 Strain —unknown #of Plants — 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size — 1 galo(transplant in day 5 :\ Lights- 600 wats Nutrients- bio-bizz PH - 6.5 RH - 40% to 55% Room Temperature -24-27 c Room size-...
  5. J

    Leaf Discolouration - Need Help

    Day 30 from seed Found these leaf discolouration. this is 2fast 2vast in soil. Need help ASAP.
  6. MaryJWanna

    Leaves in middle going yellow, tops now light green....

    Hey, First timer need some help :) I'm in my second week flowering. The problem started with yellowing leaves in the middle of the plant. As I have vegged for 3 months plus i figured some was normal but now much more turning yellow as well as the tops are turning bright green. I added more...