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leaf curling up

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    Iceman420's White Walker Kush & Skunk#1 Auto - LED - Help Please!

    Hey Everybody, Just got some new pictures today took by my buddy Brandon, shout out for the great pics bro! Ok, so I was just wondering if yall could tell me whawt that leaf curl is all about, its on the white walker kush only and its curling upwards. Thanks for the help, stay chiefed...
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    Hey Everyone! Intro - White Walker Kush Grow Leaf Curl Issue

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post, hopefully first of many. I just signed up for this website because i was coming here almost everday to look up questions and all kinds of things related to my grow because im also doing my first grow ever on my own. Its going great so far! Its quite a joy...
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    What deficiency is this?

    I'm about 3 days away from entering flowering after a 3 month veg. I flushed Plant yesterday fully. The top half of the plant is showered with a big 85W White CFL. The top half also has this going on with my leaf edges: This has been present for a good 2-3 weeks now, slowly increasing...