leaf curling

  1. Janluna


    I will admit that I have been a little negligent with my watering practices, but I can asure you this has been a big learning curve. I have been trying to figure out what has been causing issues within Kali for the last couple of weeks. Quite honestly, I would of figured it out sooner if I had...
  2. T

    Leaves shriveling up and browning

    Hey everyone thanks or taking the time to help. First set of plants I’ve grown so trying to learn from mistakes. But I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. currently in week 8 from germination and it feels like the plants are stuck on week 4 there has been slow to no new growth and and new growth...
  3. N

    First grow and not sure if I have deficiencies

    Hello everyone I'm a new grower this is my first grow, I'm growing 9 critical impact seeds from vision seeds and a random free seed that is apparently 'cherry amnesia'. I have germinate my seeds with success and they have been growing in 100% canna coco. I've been feeding them canna nutes...
  4. 1

    Leaf Tip Curling - 6 Wk Vegetative - Need Help Diagnosing

    Two female plants in the sixth week of their vegetative states. Both have the tips of the uppermost leaves curling down. One is experiencing yellowing/drying out of two leaf tips closer to the base. First time growing and unsure of what to do. I suspect there might be a problem with the pH or...
  5. I

    Hey Everyone! Intro - White Walker Kush Grow Leaf Curl Issue

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post, hopefully first of many. I just signed up for this website because i was coming here almost everday to look up questions and all kinds of things related to my grow because im also doing my first grow ever on my own. Its going great so far! Its quite a joy...
  6. K

    Need help leaves are starting to curl

    for some reason my leafs started curling about 3 days ago i recently flushed it to see if it would help and it hasn't its acting like its dying from not enough water but it gets enough! i spray the leafs 2 times a day and water it 1
  7. P

    Help: What nutrient disorder does my plant have?

    This is my first grow and my Super Cheese was the best looking of my plants until the last week. I can't figure out what my plant is lacking (iron?). Any suggestions as to what it is and what I can do to help fix it? Thanks!
  8. HotshotShorty

    Leaf curling & twiting issues on clones- see pics & advise please

    NORTHERN LIGHTS recently re-potted good potting soil no nutrients recently light burnt slightly moved under florescent only ONE leaf per plant effected temp about 69 THIS ONE IS TWISTING THIS ONE IS CUPPING Thank you for you consideration of this issue. I...
  9. C

    Is my area too cold?

    Strain - Sage-n-sour # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Seedling/Veg Bucket Size - 8in. standard pot Lights - (3) 23w and (2) 14w fluorescents Nutrients - none yet (what ever is in Miracle Grow potting mix) Medium - 25%Perlite, 75% Miracle Grow potting mix PPM - no idea PH -...
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