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leaf edges

  1. juggaGROWrX86

    Sudden Overnight Clawing & Unknown Leaf Decay & Damage

    Hey all, wanted to ask some veteran cultivators what could be happening here. I watered/fed a 6/9ml per gal. Micro/Bloom in RO with 3.5ml/gal of CalMag added first and 6ml/gal of Terpinator last after I add the Lucas Formula. Last night before bed at about 10:30pm EST I gave this Lemon...
  2. Klaatu

    Leaf edges dark and curling down

    I have, in 'average soil' 1 Pure Power Plant sativa dom. mother about 6 weeks old. GH Flora series nutes 1/2 strength, 5 gal. pot, 60W 'Phillips Grow Light' bulb, feed/water every other day. Her edges/sides of the leaves are curling down but not with bear claw tips, and the leaves are dark...
  3. C

    Is my area too cold?

    Strain - Sage-n-sour # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Seedling/Veg Bucket Size - 8in. standard pot Lights - (3) 23w and (2) 14w fluorescents Nutrients - none yet (what ever is in Miracle Grow potting mix) Medium - 25%Perlite, 75% Miracle Grow potting mix PPM - no idea PH -...
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