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leaf edges

  1. J

    Seedling problems: Need help!

    I can't find the diagnosis for this and I don't know what it is! I watered it 5 days ago and the soil seems to still be wet. Is this caused by the soil not giving the seedling enough oxygen or what can it be?
  2. juggaGROWrX86

    Sudden Overnight Clawing & Unknown Leaf Decay & Damage

    Hey all, wanted to ask some veteran cultivators what could be happening here. I watered/fed a 6/9ml per gal. Micro/Bloom in RO with 3.5ml/gal of CalMag added first and 6ml/gal of Terpinator last after I add the Lucas Formula. Last night before bed at about 10:30pm EST I gave this Lemon...
  3. Klaatu

    Leaf edges dark and curling down

    I have, in 'average soil' 1 Pure Power Plant sativa dom. mother about 6 weeks old. GH Flora series nutes 1/2 strength, 5 gal. pot, 60W 'Phillips Grow Light' bulb, feed/water every other day. Her edges/sides of the leaves are curling down but not with bear claw tips, and the leaves are dark...
  4. C

    Is my area too cold?

    Strain - Sage-n-sour # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Seedling/Veg Bucket Size - 8in. standard pot Lights - (3) 23w and (2) 14w fluorescents Nutrients - none yet (what ever is in Miracle Grow potting mix) Medium - 25%Perlite, 75% Miracle Grow potting mix PPM - no idea PH -...
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