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leaf problems

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    White, yellow spots on leaves help

    First off weapons Dosi do and ice cream cake Indoor 650 led Sunshine # 4 Worm castings Myco Flora trio 1/2 strength Diamond nectar floralicious Plus Cal-mag (botanicare) Silicate (botanicare) 5 gallon fabric The problem I'm in veg and I've been getting these yellow/white spots on my leaves...
  2. S

    Amnesia Fast leaf problems

    Hey Everyone, I'm having a bit of an issue with the leaves of an Amnesia Fast plant. She's just 9 days old, and the leaves are growing fairly quickly, but they're misshapen. I would think that a pest had been nibbling on them, but the edges aren't damaged, just crooked and weird. When she put...
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    Flowering stage: leaf diagnosing

    So my first grow is finally coming to an end. I'm on my 6th week of flowering and having some issues with my leaves but I can't decide if it's a ph problem or a problem concerning too many or not enough phosphorous. Maybe someone with more experience and has seen it before will enlighten me.
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    First Grow: Don't Know What's Going On!

    Hi its my first time growing indoors. Im using coco and everything was doing alright besides a little slow growth. I have 4 clones and 4 seedlings. They all have some burnt tips here and there but most of the problem is coming from the seedlings, one has a leaf tip curled down. 2 have reddish...
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    Rhino Ryder leaf problems

    Hi guys. Realative new to growing so would like to ask your help. Ive currently got a rhino ryder thats nearly 3 weeks old. Ive notice almost since she popped that her leaves have funny markings on them. Does anyone know what this is. Roughly tested soil ph at around 7. She is in bio bizz light...
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    Delahaze Problem

    Hi, this is my first grow. I have just one plant set up however have come into a problem you might be able to help me with? My plant is 1 and a half weeks old but it has developed a small hole in the leaf. I have posted some pictures../ Anyone got any ideas why there is a hole and what could...
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    Leaf problems in Dwc bucket blue dream

    Wassupp everyone I first seen small bottom leaves at week 1 had light brown spots and the veins didn't look right but I cut them off thinking it was nothing since it was 2 small deformed ones. I cut 3 more small leaves off week 3. I really noticed the leaves at week 4 of feeding when I...
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