1. FHsolventless

    Hey 420 world

    Just joined this super awesome site. I'd like to introduce myself to the forum Im Stevo and im learning the art of hash making. Every day seems to be a learning day and I'm hoping to learn even more now that i have the 420magazine audience to hopefully give tips and i also am willing to...
  2. HoneyflowerLv

    Newbie from California

    Hi Everyone, I'm Honeyflower Love from sunny California and I'm a brand new member here on this forum. I look forward to learning lots and chatting with everyone. Talk soon! :surf:
  3. O

    New Member

    Hello friends. My first time growing, I was googling white hair's, to see if it is flowering yet.I will take pics tomorrow, and ask questions. Can't wait to start learning
  4. Skicat

    Skicat checking in

    Hey fellow growers! I consider myself a noob although I did a couple of pathetic grows last year. I was under the impression that more is better so I jumped in the deep end and nearly drowned. Now I'm slowly wading around the kiddy pool, learning a ton from you all. Hopefully I can have some...

    Latest FNG on the block - Saying hey all - Glad to be here!

    Top fed dwc and having fun learning and making lots of mistakes lol.
  6. CannaMiss44

    Noobie from the East Coast

    Hey all! Looking forward to learning and growing. Awesome site and awesome info!
  7. JJspinna

    Long time lurker

    Just joined, From Canada. IG - JJspinna Look forward to learning and contributing to the forum!
  8. J

    DaVinci Hemp Academy - Entrepreneur's Workshop

    With the passing of Amendment 64 in 2012, the State of Colorado opened the doors on an entire new set of industries, and the industries surrounding hemp and cannabis have the potential for unleashing literally thousand of new kinds of businesses. So far we've seen hundreds of retail stores...
  9. K

    New and glad to be here

    Hi, After researching different blogs and newsletters, I quickly came to the conclusion that all I needed was 420: it is more than enough!!:thumb: That's it. Hope to learn and be helpful, as well. :Namaste: Karen
  10. Spike69

    Been here awhile

    well I have been here awhile and really have learned tons on growing,and the medisenal(spelling) properties of good smoke.spike
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