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leave discoloration

  1. Liam300

    Yellowing leaves and burnt tips, need some help guys

    Hello fellow growers, thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out. I got a clone about 4 and half weeks ago Black Mamba OG an INDICA. It’s been growing pretty steady and healthy for the most part I’ve had it in veg the whole time in a 2.5x2.5x5 tent under a full spectrum 600w led...
  2. M

    Plant leaves showing light brown spots, not sure what it is?

    Hello, I am growing Durban Poison and the plant is showing small brown spots. Plant is growing light green as well. Went great the first week. On day 3 of second week and these spots have popped up. Here’s the details: - DWC -water kept at 68 degrees (although it ran hot first week at about...
  3. N

    Urgent - Browning/Yellowing On Leaves, Photos Attached - Please Diagnose!

    Today i noticed that a few leaves on one of my units has discolouration. I noticed it in the last few days, however, it wasn't until today that it became significant enough to cause worry. The first image is from the top of the unit, currently there is only one leaf that has this specific brown...
  4. ISEARCH56

    ISearch56 is Learning with Bag Seeds on the First Grow 2013

    First grow, not sure if my ladies are doing well? I just gave them their first feeding of Jungle Juice Micro, Grow and Bloom. I'm concerned about the discoloration on some of the leaves.Looking for some advise and guidence please. And thank you! I think i messed up!! I put the...
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