1. S

    Ripped leaves and deformed growth - Auto

    New growth isn’t deformed but there are some rips on leaves but I can’t see bugs or pests even with a loupe microscope. Could it be from LST? Any advice New growth also seems wierd but can’t tell if it’s just preflower
  2. thanyawit

    Slow growth and problem with leaves

    Auto dank purple mostly Indica Day 18 from seed (directly to pot) Indoor Living soil Smart pot 7 Gallon 240W quantum board Day tem 32C (90F) Night tem 27C (80F) RH 50% - 60% water every 3 days How to i recover her?
  3. O

    Dark period at switch?

    Hi. My first time growing photos and I have read in a few places to leave them dark for 24 hours at the switch. Is this a good idea? Thanx. OF
  4. G

    Supersonics grow cabinet

    I'm trying to germinate seeds for the cabinet No information on Timing how long do you leave the water on how long do you leave the light on as far as the cabinet goes?Im new at this and I got PTSD and I might be in over my head.
  5. S

    Burned one of my plants - Pics - What to do?

    Burned one of my plants when they shot up in one day right into my T5... faster than even I expected. Do I cut these off? Leave it alone? Thanks for any help!
  6. A

    Quick curing question

    The bud has been curing for 2 weeks, I was opening the jars twice a day for awhile, then once a day until the RH got to 65% or lower. It's at 62%, am I good to leave it alone now and just let it do its thing? Should I still be opening them?
  7. R


    I have 2 plants to transplant and only have enough soil for 1 1/2 lol Would it be acceptable to use what soil I have for now and then top the plant up with soil to the top of the pot even if it covers some of the bottom leaves? Should I try to leave some space?
  8. R

    Yellow leaves - Problem?

    I'm in the 4th week of vag and i have yallow leave so how can fix it plz ?
  9. Young Yoda

    What would you do with your trim?

    What would you do with your trim if you had to leave it four days after trimming? I have to leave town and I'll be gone long enough to make me worry about my brown paper bag of trim starting to mold. It's drying out quickly but it's still pretty moist. If I throw it in the freezer, I'm...
  10. 2Crispy

    Curing while on vacation

    Ok, so I have a problem. My grow took longer than anticipated so I had a late harvest. The buds are at the point where I put them in jars and will open them daily. However I am going away for 10 days. Should I A. Leave the lids off when I go? B. Stick the whole jars in the freezer...
  11. L

    Freezer drying

    I'm interested in freeze drying. Do you just put the fresh plant minus the soil straight into the freezer and leave it for a week or two?
  12. Tris420

    Need help - I grew an 8

    Hey Guys soo i germinated my seeds and now one of them has an 8 form the root is showing same way as the leave how should i plant this in soil now ? ill post pictures in a minute Thanks in advance EDIT:
  13. GreenH0rn

    The Leaves are geting yellow spots

    Hello everyone My plant did get a yellow spot on the fan leave. I know its maybe too soon to diagnose the problem but better sooner than later. I have never tested the pf of my water and my nutritions because i never had any problems with that. So I am guessing the ph is the problem and i was...
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