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leaves curl help

  1. SheGrowsNlearns

    SheGrowsNLearns Indoor Journal #1

    Strain: Dinafem Big Kush hybrid Medium: Organic super soil 3 gallon fabric pot Indoor 3x3x6 and 1000 full spectrum led light. Purchased a clone and have had her 4 weeks now and at first she was growing like crazy and looked vibrant and healthy. But today I noticed her leaves starting to claw...
  2. G

    Leaves curling under

    I am new to this. Have never posted to a forum before. Hope my picture doesn't suck. The leaves on this sati a are curling under. Not sure what to do. I'm growing in soilless mix and feed with quarter strength of miracle grow. Could someone please help a newbie.
  3. S

    Problem with leaves turning brown

    same with every strain hydro flower stage ebb & gro 1000 hps advanced nutrients hydro corn ppm-1000 ph-5.7 rh-55% room temp-78-80 solution temp-67 4 weeks in and leaves are turning a rust color and curling upwards. this isn't happening in veg. only when I transfer into bud room.
  4. C

    Help! New plants, leaves looks so Curl and Down? PH problem?

    The left 2 plants are Regular Radom seeds form my friend form Europe, one on the back is G13 blueberry auto, on the right one is Dinafem white widow auto. As you can see the all leaves going down, only the blueberry seems better。 Gears IN DOOR: I use 600W MH light, 18/6, exhaust fan...
  5. WizHigh

    Need quick opinion on possible zinc deficiency

    Its about a week old, the leaves look real fluffy and there rounder then what ive ever saw. It will be helpful to try to identify this strain also. I have a journal that is active now with 5 unknown strains. The new growth is starting bend curl down at its sides. Its starting to seem real...
  6. K

    Please help, my plants are dying

    What is happening to my plant leaves? Strain - white widow # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 2 Gallon Lights - (1) 400 Watt HPS sMedium - 75% Perlite 25% Vermiculite PH - 6.7-7.3 RH - 70 Room Temperature -78 to 86 Solution Temperature -65 to 69...
  7. U

    Need help with diagnosing my plants problem

    I'll be honest I am a complete novice at growing. This is my first grow and I need some help diagnosing it's problems. I have done loads of research to try and figure out what was wrong myself but I could do with some help from people with experience. My predictions are that the leaves are funny...
  8. Sam Spade

    Help! leaves turning white/pale on edges and curling upwards

    Hi Everyone, I'm a first-time grower who has run into his first problem, about sixteen days into the 12/12 flowering stage. Things were going well with my grow, but certain leaves, at different parts of the plant, are now turning a pale, white, or tan color, and the affected leaves are...
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