leaves curl tip

  1. Verbalist

    Whats going on with these Clones?

    Two of them look like that and rest of them are fine. two of them having top leaves curling up or the leave tips twisting around and the edges looks little crispy. Theyre inside the dome, no ventilation yet - just removing the lid every day to mist the lid then put it back. Pellets & cubes are...
  2. M

    Sad looking plants, leaves twisting, curling

    So i started some new plants a few weeks ago and I'm having the same problem that i had with my grow a month or 2 back. Bottom leaves on all my plants start to slowly curl down, some of them twisting. And than i notice it works the way up. I will mention that it contiues to grow, but very...
  3. C

    need help yellow/green leaves

    using True Living Organics brand MELLOW MIX with no additives seeds germinated quickly and when I planted them in the MELLOW MIX, 2-3 days later they have a yellow stripe down the middle of the leaves and the next set coming are yellow. will post pics soon but any ideas??
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