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leaves curling

  1. L

    Please help 1 sick plant out of 4?

    Hi I have one plant that the leaves are curling down near the bud sites and she is taking way to long to flower compared to the other 3 girl. Picture 71+72 are the same sick plant, the other 2 pics are of healthy ones next to her. They are 4 autoflorew Northern lights. Thanks
  2. J

    Strange dots on leaves and also strange grow of new leaves

    Hello all, I grow Ayahuasca plant. In the last day top leaves start to grow very strange - like folded into itself. In addition several of leaves have a strange dots on the leaves. In the start the distance was 35-40cm but now after the dots poped out the distance between the plant and HPS was...
  3. umutyuss

    All leaves tips curling down

    Hello I have 1 white widow and in flowering stage day maybe 20-25. Im using 250 w hps.ph perfect g/m/b and greate white for feeding.last time i used 2 lt 8 ml water solutin and now tips looks dow and looks not healty.im verry sad for the situation
  4. M

    Leaf Curling Upwards on Outdoor Plant - Why?

    Hi All- Recently I have been having an issue with my Durango OG plant. The serrated leaf edges are curling upwards on some of the leaves. Only about 10% of them. I have 3 other plants all growing with the same methods that dont have the issue. Any ideas on cause? It is an outdoor plant...
  5. H

    Amnesia Lemon is behaving as against gravity

    Hi All, I have a 120 cm x 120cm x 200 cm grow tent and have 9 plant in it. 2 of them is amnesia lemon. 3,5 weeks has passed since germination. I use 1000W MH with reflector located 75 cm far from plants. But one of them behaves odd like she turns leaves perpendicular to ground. Also there are...
  6. P

    First Grow - Almost over but suddenly problems - Please help!

    Hello guys, This is the first time I am growing. and my plant is in the 8th week of flowering. Everything was going perfect until 3-4 days ago. the plant was perfectly healthy and the buds were getting bigger and denser with more trichomes. The temperature of my grow box was always about...
  7. T

    Help plant has suffered severe heat stress how can it be saved?

    Yo is there any experienced growers that can tell me how too save my girl she's 4 weeks into flower under 650 watt hps. Have turned light down too 400 too reduce heat .Lots of the leaves on the plant have crisped up and curling up going brown and dieing. Can my plant be saved ? How can I revive...
  8. J

    help please leaves looking limp and brown :}

    hi im a first time grower of indoor plants they are under a 250w MH but they have started looking limp curling under and also have brown tips and spots on their leaves, i am grateful of any tips also my ballast has just blown so wondering if plants will be ok till i can get a new one next week?
  9. S

    Problem with leaves turning brown

    same with every strain hydro flower stage ebb & gro 1000 hps advanced nutrients hydro corn ppm-1000 ph-5.7 rh-55% room temp-78-80 solution temp-67 4 weeks in and leaves are turning a rust color and curling upwards. this isn't happening in veg. only when I transfer into bud room.
  10. C

    OG Kush needs help! Please read

    Two thousand watt hps 16 plants under each light 16 og kush plants and 16 grape ape plants 3 gallon pots Black gold potting soil 2 weeks in flowering Temp in room gets no higher than 77 degrees Using flora nova bloom 1/4 teaspoon per gallon Feeding them every 3rd watering So for the past...
  11. Be0wulf

    Diagnosing leaf problems

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have posted here on 420mag due to taking a break in my growing activities for awhile. I am happy to say I am finally growing another batch! :Love: I would like to know if anyone can identify what problems these plants are having based on their leaves. A...
  12. U

    Need help with diagnosing my plants problem

    I'll be honest I am a complete novice at growing. This is my first grow and I need some help diagnosing it's problems. I have done loads of research to try and figure out what was wrong myself but I could do with some help from people with experience. My predictions are that the leaves are funny...
  13. PaleWonder

    Twisty leaves, discoloration, purple n stems & stalk lots of pics! Help the Dummy!

    Well first off this is my first grow, I am super unprepared, on a extreme budget in an apartment closet. I have read numerous threads on this topic and have yet to see the same type of problems I am having. I will give as much info as possible from the start. First off the girls are both clones...
  14. 2

    Leaves turning crispy and wilting

    Yo people, I have 4 plants which I don't even know if are male or female, that's not the point though, the point is that 1 of the them have leaves that are turning crispy and wilting round the tips. idk if it too many nutes or too few. I'm growing in soil and haven't used any kind of ferts...
  15. O

    Help please!

    Hello Guy's an Gal's I got a problem here ,an I am not sure what that problem is ...Maybe one you know what is going on an can shoot me some enlightenment on the matter! Any help would be appreciated GREATLY! I have one female.This is my first grow and I Started with 6 seeds.But only one...
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