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    Seedling leaf tip discoloration and dying leaves

    Hi Everyone! Can you please tell me what is this discoloration on my seedling? The seedling is 34 days old counted from planting.There were two more nodes under these current nodes,but they got crackling dry and then dropped off. Also the tip of the bigger leaves on one side is turning...
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    Drying seedling leaves

    Hello everyone! My seedling's leaves are drying and I don't know why. It is a bag seed,unknown strain.Previously last year I grew a bag seed which happened to be a female.But I remember that when that plant was at this age,that didn't have anykind of leaf drying problems. It is at day 25 from...
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    What's going on with seedling?

    Does this happen to be some sort of Nutrient burn? All of the other seeds that I planted at the exact same time and conditions did not have this issue but this one particular plant. Any suggestions as to what it is or what I can do to help? They started out in potting soil and they all did fine...
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    My plant is sick - Any ideas on how to diagnose it?

    Newer growth yellow Older leaves browning from tips and edges inwards Ak47 (apparently, I wouldn't know) Germinated 25th feb '17 Miracle grow half strength Solo cups with heaps of holes covering the sides Growing in space bucket 20L 60w led ufo red and blue 3x pc fans 12v 80mm 18/6...
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    Urgent Advice Needed Please - All leaves turning yellow!

    Hi peeps, Been using the site to help me through my first grow, but first time posting. I've been desperately trying to diagnose the problem , but so many opinions not sure which one it is.. I'll try and keep this brief, 3 weeks into flowering, 9 plants under 2 600w hps lights...
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    My 11 ft girl is starting to yellow? Can't nail down the problem.

    Hello, I'm growing a barneys farm hybrid, skunk #1 crossed with mazar. She is in the ground (ffof), I'm using the fox farm liquid trio. I noticed the larger fans starting to yellow and fall off, I didn't worry to much. I did however back off the nutes, but still gave her some molasses and...
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    Please help, my plants are dying

    What is happening to my plant leaves? Strain - white widow # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 2 Gallon Lights - (1) 400 Watt HPS sMedium - 75% Perlite 25% Vermiculite PH - 6.7-7.3 RH - 70 Room Temperature -78 to 86 Solution Temperature -65 to 69...
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    Help! Plant leaves are spotting then dying

    Please Help
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